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One of the trains for Phase 2 of the Downtown Line, which will run from Bukit Panjang to Rochor, including through the affluent Bukit Timah corridor, being transported from Jurong Port. The 44 trains, yet to be painted in operator SBS Transit's livery, will be used for Phase 2 of the MRT line - which will run from Bukit Panjang to Rochor.
The line is scheduled to open by the first quarter of next year, and it runs through the affluent Bukit Timah corridor.
The new three-car, fully automated trains are made by Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Transportation. The massive facility is about twice the size of the underground Kim Chuan Depot, which serves the Circle Line. Around 2,000 old graves at the Kwong Hou Sua Teochew Cemetery, a little-known graveyard said to date back to the 1940s, were exhumed to make way for the Gali Batu Depot. It recently awarded a $137.4 million contract to Hock Lian Seng Infrastructure to design and build additional stabling - train berthing - at the facility. Sign Up Now!Enjoy 2 weeks of unlimited digital access to The Straits Times.Get your free access!
Building more of these in Austin, Texas, might cut traffic congestion better than widening roads and building new ones. This week in progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Texas’ transportation infrastructure isn’t keeping up with our growing state as those who lives along the central Texas corridor between San Antonio and Austin are well aware. So the question becomes when will the GOP-led legislature actually fund the improvements we need? That question is getting harder to answer as tax cuts and corporate giveaways are still more popular than actually administering the real functions of government.
The state failed to make the appropriate investments when budgets were flush and traffic was lighter, and now as our economy sheds jobs due to hits in the oil market, the vacuum of leadership from statewide elected officials is growing harder to ignore.
According to an article on Austin Rail Now, “There is now a near-consensus by transportation experts that trying to relieve congestion by building and widening roads in very congested cities, like Austin, will actually worsen congestion. We posted yesterday in CCA's maximum fanboy undergoes miraculous transformation on criminal justice reform about Representative Tim Miller's remarkable conversion this month from tweeting that criminal justice reform was crazy to telling TPT Almanac that he's all for reform.
In Carolyn Lange's article in Tuesday's West Central Tribune, Crowd shows up to discuss NLS transgender policy, we learn that he stepped out on Easter Weekend to urge people to object to New London-Spicer School Board's proposed transgender policy.
While he's completely changed his public views on public funding for rural broadband projects and the notion that government can create jobs, he's not budging an inch on his anti-LGBT positions. The News Journal published a remarkable story yesterday, detailing the escapades of a Wilmington Fire Marshal who was supposedly performing a residency investigation.
A Wilmington Fire Marshal inspector conducting residency investigations outside the city was questioned by two different police agencies last week, including one in Pennsylvania. It is simply impossible to me that there are no charges against this guy, who was pretty clearly impersonating a police officer — an impersonator who decided to slap the cellphone out of the hands of a citizen doing nothing other than recording a suspicious incident and then pulled a gun on that citizen. Who among us would be able to trespass and impersonate a police officer and walk away without any charges? Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza tore past the twin protests taking place outside his exclusive fundraiser taking place at the Rooftop at the Providence G. Since his election, Elorza has avoided any substantive meetings with any groups about the CSA, and has not supported the bill’s  passage as he promised. Attorney General Rutledge begins her second year in office the same way she spent her first year: standing with dirty polluters against common-sense clean air protections.
Just for a second, though, let’s pretend like he’s not public enemy number one and that you, like Glen, think that protecting the environment is more important than kissing up to polluters.

Leaders in the Democratic-controlled Iowa Senate agreed early in the 2015 legislative session to pass two major tax bills backed by top Iowa House Republicans.
As a gesture toward compromise, Republicans agreed last year to a supplemental spending bill, which included one-time funding for K-12 school districts, community colleges, and state universities. I had high hopes for a better outcome this year when I saw Senate Democrats balk at passing a $97.6 million "tax coupling" bill much like the one that sailed through the upper chamber in 2015.
I have previously argued that Bernie should shift the focus of his campaign onto attacking Trump and the Republicans generally.
But there’s another important reason why Bernie should work now to provoke fights with Trump and the right-wing. Expanding women's access to middle-skilled jobs in growing sectors like manufacturing and information technology (IT) could help narrow the gender pay gap and improve economic security for families. That's the key takeaway from a new study by the Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR). Nationwide, female full-time workers made only 79 cents for every dollar earned by men last year. Genuine renewable energy - solar and wind especially - is already cheap and efficient enough to beat out coal and natural gas for electricity generation. But the desperate fossil fuel dead-enders are still spreading lies about how we can't have renewables unless we use natural gas, which is so kind to the environment.
The Tri-Valley School Board will meet on April 11 to give second reading to its proposed school gunslinger policy. In this study, the risk of a worker being killed at work was substantially higher in workplaces where employer policy allowed workers to keep guns: workplaces where guns were specifically permitted were 5 to 7 times more likely to be the site of a worker homicide relative to those where all weapons were prohibited. This research suggests that allowing school staff to carry guns will put school staff at greater risk of getting killed. Maybe the risk won’t increase for kids as much, since they are smaller targets… but there are more of them.
You may have noticed that there’s been a lot of nasty pushing and shoving by Republican candidates who want not only to make America great but also to satisfy the hitherto ignored hearts and souls of civilized human beings.
That should be clearly evident in the bloody crossfire of people like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz who have settled on the word “liar” to defend one from the other.
No one has experienced the mobocracy’s assault more than President Obama , who was even shouted a liar by a South Carolina representative as Obama spoke to a seated Congress.
But in an historical context of badly seeded narrative, Spiro Agnew’s words will live in notoriety for his remark that the American media were nothing more than “nattering nabobs of negativism” – a term fed to him by wordsmith William Safire that was less effective for its lack of reach to the minds all those who couldn’t fathom its meaning. At Washington Liberals, Don Smith writes—Hey, all you Bernie supporters who attended the caucuses, take over the Party! Regardless of whether Bernie wins the nomination, we need these young people to reinvigorate the party and push it to the left.  This is the sort of peaceful political revolution that Bernie Sanders has been calling for.
But as counter-intuitive as it may sound, widening 35 and adding “capacity” could make things worse. Severe congestion throughout a city during peak hour means that traffic will seek out and fill up any new freeway capacity as fast as it can be added. Or that House leadership had handed the chance to bully and criminalize transgender people over to the darling of the anti-LGBT crowd, Glenn Gruenhagen while Miller toils to re-open a private prison.
Indeed, he's got boundary issues in going beyond his district to abuse the dignity of transgender students in the next legislative district over. Some quick background, new hires with the City of Wilmington are expected to establish residency in the city within six months of hire and then are expected to live in the city for 5 years. In one instance, he pulled a gun on a man who said he photographed the inspector coming out of neighbors’ backyards. Ruger Jr., but the incidents raise questions about who is authorized to perform residency inquiries.

On one side were members of Providence Fire Fighters IAFF Local 799, who are in the midst of difficult negotiations regarding overtime and staffing. This is because Glen, villain that he is, thinks that things like cutting back emissions are more important than placating coal-mine owners in West Virginia. The proposed MATS standard is aimed at reducing some of the most harmful pollutants—including dangerous mercury, a known neurotoxin that threatens children and women of childbearing age. The moves left Democrats no leverage to obtain concessions from Republicans on state spending for vital services, especially education.
But once lawmakers had adjourned, Governor Terry Branstad item-vetoed some $56 million for education from that bill.
Nor is the intensity of the enthusiasm of his supporters, which has led to so many lopsided Sanders victories in the states that hold caucuses instead of primaries.
The wage gap widens for middle-skilled workers in female-dominated jobs, who earn just 66 cents on the dollar paid to their counterparts in male-dominated occupations.
On the flipside, women represent 86 percent of middle-skilled workers making less than $30,000 annually.
Or, to put it a tad more scientifically, “By The Time Natural Gas Has A Net Climate Benefit You’ll Likely Be Dead And The Climate Ruined,” as I wrote two years ago.
Only a small increase in the risk of homicide was associated with workplaces that allowed weapons other than guns. John Kasich has sought shelter in pretending to be a moderate right up to the split-second that he came down ferociously conservative on abortion, Planned Parenthood, Obamacare, the auto industry bailout, the stimulus and public unions. It just gets wider currency in the era of bleating tweeting social media and antisocial patriots who want everyone else to atone for the LGBT’s who are threatening our religious liberties. The prez has been on the receiving end of Socialist, Communist, traitor, Kenyan, monkey and Watermelon Boy from the grandstanders.
And certainly since it pretty clearly looks like someone was trying to catch out someone newly elected to the Firefighter’s union board — a union that the Fire Chief is publicly fighting with via Twitter (of all places). On the other side were members of the STEP-UP Network, a coalition of community groups eager to pass the Community Safety Act (CSA), which candidate Elorza pledged to support in October, 2104. Protecting Arkansans from mercury pollution should be an issue that the Sierra Club and our Attorney General agree upon. After months of negotiations, the final deal struck after Memorial Day gave House Republicans what they wanted on global budget targets and acceded to their demand for "allowable growth" of only 1.25 percent for K-12 education budgets. The governor pleaded fiscal responsibility in his veto message, though such concerns hadn’t stopped him from signing $99 million in tax cuts into law months earlier. The general election is an even broader electorate than the primaries, and lukewarm votes count as much as those cast passionately.
Significantly, the EPA numbers are mostly based on industry-provided estimates, not actual measurements. After we adjusted for workplace characteristics and preventive measures, further analysis suggested that the increased risk associated with employer policies allowing guns was not completely explained by either characteristics of the workplace that may be indicative of its inherent “riskiness” or employers’ failure to adopt recommended protections [Dana Loomis, Stephen W. Tri-Valley, stand down. Stick with your armed, uniformed school police officer if you must, and don’t put your staff and students at greater risk. Sadly, Rutledge has chosen once again to align herself with the polluters instead of the people. Ta, “Employer Policies Toward Guns and the Risk of Homicide in the Workplace,” American Journal of Public Health, May 2005].

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