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The site for Olympic Park is located close to the demographic centre of Sydney at Homebush Bay, about 15 kms to the west of central Sydney.
Lawrence Nield was chairman of the Urban Design Team at Homebush Bay for the Sydney Olympic 2000 Masterplan. From the completion of the masterplan in September 1995 he was involved in its development and implementation. Bligh Voller Nield subsequently developed many of the overlay projects for the 2000 Olympic Games (visit the Olympics Overlay, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games page).

The main generation of the plan is the Olympic Boulevard which acts as the main pedestrian and transport movement spine in the centre of the site and links the Sydney Olympic Tennis Centre to the centre of the Olympic Village. In the epi-centre of the site is the Olympic Park Railway Station which handles up to 50,000 people an hour.
The showground for the Royal Agricultural Society is located on the north-east corner of the site and was used for Olympic events and subsequently for both the Royal Easter Show and general exhibitions. Surrounding the urban core are the Millennium Parklands, a metropolitan-scaled park, which is one of the main legacies of the Olympic Games.

The Olympic Village is now a residential area for 6,000 people and the Olympic facilities have provided a complete range of world-standard competition facilities.

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