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Welcome to the Atlantic City Express Service, dubbed "ACES," the first direct train service between New York and New Jersey's gambling mecca. Conceived in 2005 when Atlantic City's casinos could still count on steadily increasing revenues, ACES enters a landscape in which increasing competition from neighboring states and the overall economic downturn has sent casino revenues plummeting. The new train service is targeting young New Yorkers with disposable income who haven't chosen to spend it in Atlantic City, either because they don't own cars, consider the trip too long for public transit or aren't interested in the many bus trips that run from New York.
Each train features four double-decker cars like those used on some commuter lines, but with a twist (or a splash, depending on your taste): A bar at one end of each car that serves beer, wine and liquor, in addition to sandwiches and snacks.
From New York, the ACES trains will stop once, in Newark, and proceed to just north of Philadelphia, then head east and continue nonstop to Atlantic City. Each train contains 300 seats; casino executives said they were hoping for 65 percent occupancy once the service is up and running. ACES is a joint venture involving the Borgata, Caesars Atlantic City and Harrah's Atlantic City. The expenditure recognizes that the time is long past when Atlantic City's casinos could stand pat and wait for customers to flock to them. From local news to politics to entertainment and sports, the twice daily Right Now eNewsletter has all of the New Jersey news you need! I never got around to finishing this model due to moving and it being packed away but really wanted to finish it. Mike if there was a small enough paint roller and I could get the effect of some of those horrible paint jobs they have I'd give it a try.Reinhard it's an Atlas trainman model with a tsunami sound decoder. With 11 locomotives, 60 gondola cars, and approximately 269 miles of track, the New York and Atlantic Railway is a relatively small freight train operation that services Long Island and New York City. 3 Shows on 1 Disc!Here is a priceless collection of vintage films that highlight the style and efficiency of the mighty New York Central Railroad. ACES is a venture of Atlantic City casinos to operate a weekend train service between New York and Atlantic City hoping it will attract gamblers who wouldn't otherwise come by car or bus. Gambling revenue for casinos nationwide dropped 3.6 percent in the first 11 months of 2008, compared with the same period in 2007, according to the American Gaming Association. Previously, a train trip from New York to Atlantic City required changing trains at least once. Both levels boast leather seats that are wider and have more leg room than conventional train cars, plus additional space for luggage.
ACES is a venture of Atlantic City casinos to operate a weekend train service between New York and Atlantic City. Casino officials said that they expect as many as two-thirds of the tickets to be sold or comped as part of packages, but that seats will be available for customers making spur-of-the-moment travel plans. The casinos purchased eight train cars for about $15 million, and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority is paying $4.5 million over three years to lease four locomotives. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. I was doing a random search of gp38s on Walthers and I came across new MTH NY&A gp38s in black and green paint expected to come out in June.
They do run well, i know most people have issues with Atlas in regards to dimensions of certain details but i like them and have no issues. When they repainted 261 they didn't change it to the black and green, kept the all green with white stripe and added the white roof. The short line railroad was formed in 1997 when the LIRR decided to get out of the freight business and sold it off, while agreeing to lease the tracks.
These three videos were selected for their intriguing mix of motive power, variety of trains, historic scope, and exciting display of rare images. An early spring snowfall had dumped 2 feet of wet snow on Irish Hill making the going tough, but as founder of the cemetery Mary had been there many times before. I'm going to try and get the decals on this one tonight, just wanted to post some pics of the paint. It pains me but I'll probably end up picking up both #270 & #271 and strip the paint off of the ones I started for another future project, maybe even NYA 261. I like details like correct horn style and location, grab irons, windshield wipers, lift rings etc.
Noted rail photographer Bill Warrick created this documentary stretching from the 1905 Empire State Express to the end of the 20th Century Limited era. She knew it was a fine line between spinning out and reaching the summit.A A Tiffani Jones (name changed) was being buried today.

I'll have to go back for some touch up here n there and it's not quite the correct shade of green but i'm happy with how it came out being this is the first locomotive i've painted myself. Once they come out I'll post them and probably add some prototypical details and whatever else MTH leaves out or misses. I'm also working on #261, I have the Athearn model but I removed the square filter box and replaced it with an angled one and i'm having trouble matching the paint and im considering stripping off the paint and repainting it so it will match.
This PR film was made by the NYC in the early 1950s to demonstrate the railroada€™s involvement in the nationa€™s economy.
Mary was glad Tiffani was local -- from the hardscrabble village at the base of the hill -- because after five years, she was a little tired of Greensprings being seen as a groovy, hippie alternative to traditional burial.
Featured are day-to-day operations with Pacemaker freights, passenger trains, first generation diesels and electrics, as well as Hudson, Mohawk, and Niagara type steam locomotives. From all accounts Tiffani was a hard-drinking, hard-partying woman and many of her mourners were cut from that same cloth. At the time this film was made, the NYC ran over 26,000 miles of track, and was a major force among Americaa€™s railroads. They stood shivering in thin leather jackets pulled tight around their bodies while the wind blew, making it seem colder than 28 degrees.
In 1955, the TV series a€?Omnibusa€? sent host Alistair Cooke, Trains Magazine Editor David P.
Morgan, and a team of cameramen to Grand Central Station for a live broadcast about NYCa€™s most famous train.
At track 25, Morgan explains the traina€™s consist, introduces the 46-member crew, and interviews the engineer and fireman as we wait for the Century to depart. We move to Tower A for a demonstration of the control board and to the dispatchera€™s office for further information. I was sure itA was either someone who worked at the Borders bookstore coming in early orA perhaps an Asian student who lived in an adjacent apartment complex.
Sometimes there were none and I wasA surprised at how disappointed I was when that was the case.
Often there wereA just one or two standing and I made it a habit to carry my camera so I couldA take pictures of them.
If they didna€™t, they didna€™t.A And the ephemeral quality of the perched rocks was somehow thrilling. Youa€™dA expect to find something like this on a beach or maybe a river bed but a mallA parking lot? I also buy a new pen before a journey that I slip through the elasticized band that encircles the journal.
This is my traveling kit a€“ one in which I make notes in longhand and draw sketches to illustrate what Ia€™m seeing.
A --A A modest low-slung metal building, set in the woods off a dirt road, is home to the world-famous Thistle Hill Weavers, workplace and studio of textile historian and weaver Rabbit Goody.
Approaching the building a muffled thwack-thwack-thwack mechanical sound created by power looms can be heard. When the door is opened, the noise spills out along with the smell of fibers mixed with machine oil.
Lawrence River leaves the confines of its banks and flows into the ocean, one of the biggest draws for me was the night train from Montreal to Gaspe. Trains have always held a fascination for me, drawing on some part deep inside that really wants to live in the 19th century (although Ia€™m not so much of a sentimentalist that I dona€™t know that 19th century train travel also involved lots of soot and hard seats).A (Click here to read more .
The young man beside me with a modified mohawk and earlobe plugs thanked me for pushing some hot air his way. At that moment, the SufferJets were skating two players down because jammer Sarabellum and blocker S---- a€?N Gigglz sat in the penalty box (an area adjacent to the track with metal folding chairs surrounded by shower curtains). A My boat, hired for a week, was steel, sleek, and low-slung, and painted maroon with yellow and green trim and a knotty-pine interior. Mid-Lakes Navigation built these self-skippered canal boats to be both rugged and comfortable. He was an agricultural economist and a speechwriter for President Roosevelt during the Depression but by the time I knew him, he spent his days painting pictures and researching local history. He was a quiet man with strongly held opinions and although he died when I was very young, my aunts say I'm an awful lot like him. A When I was young, my sisters and I roamed the Spiritualist campgrounds on our Spyder bikesa€“a€“sticking to the narrow gravel drive.

During the summer, when the camp was full, there would be a message service in the auditorium on Thursday nights and we'd often sneak into the back of the hall to listen. But I didn't really think much about the psychics and mediums and healers and the messages they were giving to the believers on those humid summer evenings.
On one side of the fjord, abandoned low-slung gray apartment buildings almost blended in with the low hills. On the other side, someone had painted many of the occupied buildings in blazing colors: pink, yellow, and minty greena€”a jarring sight in the washed-out landscape. A This is the part of Russia that Sarah Palin could see if she had super-binocular powers; it lies just across the Bering Strait from Alaska. He was a quiet man with strongly held opinions and although he died when I was very young, my aunts say I'm an awful lot like him. During the summer, when the camp was full, there would be a message service in the auditorium on Thursday nights and we'd often sneak into the back of the hall to listen. But I didn't really think much about the psychics and mediums and healers and the messages they were giving to the believers on those humid summer evenings.
I would be riding in either a hovercraft or have a jet pack strapped to my back as I made my way to the grocery storea€”wait, there would be no grocery stores because all of our food would be in the form of little pellets that expanded to glorious dinners when put in some kind of rehydrating device.
I think that everything I imagined about the future I got from watching a€?The Jetsons.a€? (click here to read more .
He doesna€™t live on an island in the Caribbean or even within spitting distance of an ocean.
Rather, his farming takes place in 100-gallon saltwater tanks in the basement of his neat and tidy house the color of a warm Sargasso Sea in upstate New York. In college, he learned to scuba dive and began collecting corals from the temperate zones around the world. Less than half an acre and only, at its highest point, about 30 feet above the crashing waves, the islet is a godforsaken bit of rock stuck in the Atlantic Ocean off the eastern edge of Bermuda and one of four secret nesting sites for one of the rarest seabirds on earth, the Bermuda petrela€”known locally as the cahow because of its eerie cry.
Madeiros, Bermudaa€™s terrestrial conservation officer, is a small, soft-spoken 47-year-old with a mustache, tortoiseshell glasses, and a penchant for Australian army hats. Carefully working his way across the isleta€™s stony surface, he makes the rounds to specially designed artificial nest burrows built to protect petrel chicks from the danger of tides and rough seas. The burrows are marked by wooden baffles that guard the entrances and have a very precisely measured oval cut into thema€”big enough that an adult petrel can get in to feed its chick but a hair too small for a white-tailed tropicbird to squeeze through and take over.A (click here to read more . I know if I ever smell yak butter again Ia€™ll be back in Lhasa, Tibet, in the days before the first train was scheduled to arrive from China.Last summer, my daughter, Railey, and I went on a journey, and although I wasna€™t sure what we were looking for, somehow I thought we might find that indefinable thing in Tibet. My prior knowledge of Tibeta€”a beautiful, mysterious, and remote countrya€”came from the movies and from my local grocery store. Ronald Colman from Lost Horizon and Brad Pitt from Seven Years in Tibet were my spiritual guides, and the monksa€”small, brown men in long maroon and yellow robes who I periodically ran into in the produce sectiona€”shaped my notion of Tibetan culture. I would steal glances at them as they smelled the cantaloupes and picked out oranges, and if they caught me looking, theya€™d flash wide smiles and their eyes would almost disappear, and I would get all embarrassed. Ithaca, New York, is home to the Namgyal Monastery, the Dalai Lamaa€™s personal monastery in North America, so you get used to seeing the Tibetan monks around town. In winter, their maroon and yellow robes hang below puffy down jackets as they trudge through the snow and slush of upstate New York in hiking boots. It might have been the weather--it was hot and rainy and foggy all at once creating a misty landscape that looked an awful lot like those painted scrolls of the humpbacked mountains you see hanging in Chinese restaurants.
Or it might have been that I felt like I was looking at shadows, for much of what I saw was doomed and would soon disappear beneath the muddy river water. In early summer, the Yangtze--the longest river in China and the third longest in the world--is a swift flowing muddy brown mess of a river.
We were on a boat about 200 kilometers upstream of the Three Gorges Dam and the landscape we passed through was going to be flooded with sixty more feet of water in a couple of months.
The Chinese are maniacs about their building projects and, true to form, were rushing to finish the dam and start generating electricity well ahead of schedule. As a result, the water level in the gorges was going to rise sooner rather than later.A (click here to read more .

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