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The McMahan Photo Art Gallery & ArchiveYour Personalized Christmas Cards & Historic Photos Experts! Her neighbor across the street, a nice black man who owned an auto repair garage in Harlem but was also a minister, confided to me his fear that if I ever left Jennifer, her life would spiral downward on a slippery slope toward disaster.
Jennifer often accompanied me, quite happily, on many of my crazy, visionary political quests.
Like Martin Luther King, I too have a dream: that the Democrats will one day renounce their corporate centrism and return to the party of the people they were under Roosevelt.
Her husband seemed like a great guy: a special ed teacher in a Jersey middle school who’s down-to-earth and sensitive and grateful to find his Peruvian princess. Above: The Third Avenue Line as it looked running along the Bowery, changing the nature of New York street life, even as its innovations helped expand the city. PODCAST Before there were subways, New York City transported travelers up and down the length of Manhattan by elevated railroad, an almost unreal spectacle to consider today. Welcome to our second podcast in our series Bowery Boys On The Go, a look at the history of New York City transportation.
ALSO: What were the different motivations driving transportation progress in the city of Brooklyn?
You can tune into it below, download it for FREE from iTunes or other podcasting services, or get it straight from our satellite site. Rufus Gilbert, a Civil War physician, turned to trains after the war and dreamt up an imaginative pneumatic system, to zip passengers above the city in Gothic-themed arches. The Third Avenue line, where it ran alongside Cooper Union and traveled south down through the Bowery. An ornate station for the Ninth Avenue line, at Christopher and Greenwich streets in the West Village.
Have you read Victoria Thompson’s Gaslight Mysteries set in early 20th century NYC neighborhoods?

Help out the Bowery Boys!Become a patron of the Bowery Boys for as little as $1 a month and help us produce twice as many shows! MTA, the largest North American Public Transportation System adopts Bitimec Bus Wash Equipment. The New York City MTA chose 2 Bitimec battery powered 626-EZ Bus Washing Systems, which are totally self-enclosed power brushes on wheels.The Bitimec Speedy Wash model 626-EZ is the most advanced self-contained mobile bus wash machine available on the market today. Steam engines sat high above several avenues in the city, offering passengers not just a faster trek to the northern reaches of Manhattan, but a totally new way to see the city in the 19th century.
It was designed by master engineer John Stephenson, who customized many of the New York and Harlem’s traincars. Gilbert was given the go-ahead to construct this oddity, but the love for steam and a financial crisis transformed the idea into a steam elevated line instead. The trains might have made the city expand outwards, but it also made the streets smaller and darker.
This intersectioni today still sits rather wide and empty, a vestige of the days when tracks hovered above the roads.
The section illustrated here is along Woodhaven Boulevard, but much of the line went along Atlantic Avenue.
It´s also interesting to imagine what a completely different view pedestrians had, not just along the Avenues, but along the streets as well. It was written from the perspective of two boys who moved to NYC near the Bowery and watched with fascination the construction of the elevated railroad. Fast machines for washing trucks, trailers, buses, RVs, tanker-trucks, trains and railcars. Double controls allow the machine to work in two directions reducing wash times to 6-8 minutes per bus. We actually do things different here, mixing the best of today's print and restoration technologies with old fashioned hard work and artistry.

Bitimec wash equipment occupy less than 15 square feet of floor space and drastically reduces the unit cost for washing large vehicles.NYCTA is the authority that operates public transportation in New York City, part of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, the busiest and largest transit system in North America, with a daily ridership of 7 million trips.
MTA buses operate on 273 local routes, 63 express routes and 5 select bus service routes with a fleet consisting of over 5,700 transit buses in total. And we print real light exposed and chemical processed prints using Kodak Professional Endura archival photo paper, not just ink jet prints, mass produced posters or the pitiful photocopies that are sold by hundreds of online sellers.
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