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Annual reports, ink blotters, decks of cards (A sealed NYC deck of cards showing Flexi-Vans), and old employee passes (Note the Pennsylvania RR pass given to me by the mother of a friend in Junior High School.
Uncle Fred was cool because he once fired on Camelbacks on the Lackawanna (strangely, he didn’t exactly remember that job as a romantic one, and his recounting the glory of feeding the steel beasts was a harrowing one.
So at least a decade after the Hamilton unit closed, he gave me a B&O switch key for the siding that they exchanged empties and loads. Rail-related things that will fit into a small box include two Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton lighters, a salesman's sample of a Cincinnati Street Railway cap badge, a New York Central Veteran's Association lapel pin (couldn't find my similar NYC Retirees Association pin), 10 and 25 year employee pins for Railway Express, and from over the pond, a London Midland & Scottish Ry. Other paper items include employee timetables (the B&O TT was given to me by a neighbor of my grandparents who was a conductor on the Toledo Division), a passenger ticket envelope (from the FEC's Melbourne Florida depot, picked up the week after they discontinued passenger service), and a New York Central operating manual.
While I could spend hours watching the Baltimore & Ohio switchers shunt cars around the Hamilton, Ohio yard, I was always wary of them. The manual held a surprise inside.I never got into oil cans or signal lanterns or trainman uniforms.

That thing travelled with me from Ohio to Texas to Arizona to Texas again, to New York to Oklahoma to Washington State. I figure the second family he was delivering to later that day got a great garden ornament. It was her mother's pass.A family friend, Jane Apfeld, was the Postmistress in the town of Somerville. This showed the public that the man or woman was in fact in a war job and fighting the Hun, and last, a medallion awarded to railway personnel who continued to serve during the 1926 General Strike.Now having a 50 cent a week allowance, and a mother that barely tolerated my accumulation of comic books, severely limited by tracking down railroadiana. I generally limited it to paper (and you can guess how much of that there is), functional coffee cups (meaning Fallen Flag mugs I use, not collectible dining car china), and later branched out to builder’s plates and trust plates (trust plates identifies which bank owns the car, not the merely the railroad that bought it). The last time I saw it was when the Air Force shipped my household goods to Wisconsin in 1996.
I was later told that every time I got out of view of my father, my eyes filled with water and they sensed panic was near.

She sent me some labels from bulk mail bundles that had both Railway Post Office and even Highway Post Office stamps on them.
But once I was all grown up, and going to train shows I could see there was no limit to what I could collect. Someone might have needed to plan a trip on the Northern Pacific to Seattle, or go to Los Angles via the Southern Pacific.

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