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Virgin Group has optioned ten planes in a deal valued at about $2 billion dollars, while Boom has also optioned 15 additional planes to a European carrier.
The good folks over at The Jordan Brand are certainly no strangers to legendary footwear designs. When it comes to giving back to the community, no one does it quite like Grammy Award winning superstar Kelly Rowland. We had breakfast in bed and enjoyed every minute we could just enjoying the view, the light, and the movement of the city below.
We were told to grab drink at Little Branch by the guys at White Whale, but since it was closed our friend, Anna had us meet her at Pegu instead and I have to say we were not disappointed at all by what we had mixed up for us. Since we were in the area and are total juice freaks we also checked out Butcher’s Daughter as well. During our time there for the meetup we had tons of great events such as spending early Saturday hanging at the headquarters of Shoptiques on Broadway, but between sessions Kate Arends and I snuck off for some much needed retail therapy on Prince and Spring Street. The night before we left we ending our evening at The Mercer Kitchen for an amazing experience.
Before leaving NYC we ended our time with an awesome brunch with Anna and Brandon at their apartment (it is seriously so amazing and cute!!). NYC is the perfect opportunity for the study in contrast that these black and whites offer. My husband and I actually went to New York for our honeymoon last fall and loved every minute! This giant park dates all the way back to 1857 where it was designed to be a respite from the fast-growing, industrial city.
After dark, Central Park is particularly scenic as the lights of the city reflect off of the lakes, ponds, and streams.
I visited the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island immigration museum the first time I visited New York on a school trip in 6th grade.
At $2.50 per ride on the subway and buses, the NYC Metro system is not cheap, but it is fast, goes everywhere, and the subway map and typography make design nerds go wild. As a global center of art and culture and home to scores of world-class museums, I can’t attempt to recommend must-see museums to visit. It’s one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States, the detail is beautiful up close, and offers great views of Manhattan and Brooklyn.
Take a stroll through Chinatown — where, among many other interesting things, you can buy live frogs.
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If you go to the Met Museum, remember that it is owned by the city, therefore the twenty+ dollar admission price is just a suggestion. Suggestion if you are traveling in NY with kids: The Hayden Planetarium in the Museum of Natural History (great for grown-ups too. Empire State Building: See the city skyline from the highest point – the Empire State Building. Coney Island: An ongoing circus adventure spot where you will find a fire-breathing man and woman with tattooed face, Coney Island has all the fun and games of any world class fairground. There are many more things to do in New York city it can be shopping, eating, adventure and nightlife also.
Well that dream could be coming sooner than we could possible imagine, as we get a look at Boom. Virgin is also helping Boom in its development, with a Virgin spokesperson saying, ““We can confirm that The Spaceship Company will provide engineering, design and manufacturing services, flight tests and operations and that we have an option on the first 10 airframes.

It was such a treat to stay right in the heart of Soho and be inspired by all the great fashion, shops, and restaurants. We rushed through it with our limited time slots, but we did manage long enough to stop for a quick bite at Oficiana Latina for a beer and some guac. The whole environment was a little like a more relaxed version of being a chef show almost. We sat on the terrace and drank coffee in the sun and ended our trip with good friends before leaving for the airport.
As much as I am attracted to colourful popping imagery I do still have a soft spot for the good old black and white photography. Do you make hand lettered brush type or you purchased is elsewhere, please let me know if you’re selling typefaces. 20 Comments My friends and EIT readers, Cesar and Brenda, have decided to take a trip to the Big Apple.
At 778 acres, It’s huge and easy to get lost in the winding paths, bridges, gardens, and hills built into this urban oasis.
Built on an out-of-use elevated rail line, it’s an innovative way to turn a blighted manmade space into a scenic and peaceful place. I remember how exciting it was to stand at the foot of this beautiful statue and think about what her image means to people seeking liberty and justice around the world.
If you’re lucky, there will be something strange like a yoga festival in Times Square, like when I last visited the city back in 2010.
But it was recommended by several people on Facebook and Twitter when I raised the question, more than any other single thing. On our last trip to NYC we stayed at and can recommend the Hilton New York Fashion District.
Be sure to pack a good travel guidebook for destination guides, maps, and travel tips, and insight into the country’s rich history and culture. I like this one by Lonely Planet. When I worked in NYC, I would always go there to get fruit, dessert, or something small for lunch. More than a million riders daily if you count Queesn, Brooklyn and the Bronx – all part of political NY City boundaries, if not on Manhatten Island itself.
You can catch your favourite sports games here or watch your favourite artists perform to sold out shows.You can plan your New York trip itinerary according to the performance venue adn timing details. Boom is looking to make supersonic travel a thing of the present, letting us travel from SF To Tokyo in just four hours. It is still early days and just the start of what you’ll hear about our shared ambitions and efforts”.
Last time I was in NYC it was Summer and very warm, but I had always heard Spring was the best in NYC and I have to say I think I agree. The fresh juice, the setting, and the vegan cashew cheese were all I needed to be won over.
Each store has to be so unique, creative, and a beautiful experience, thus they raise the bar. I love how every person that goes to NYC comes back with completely different stories and experiences. It is designed by our brand building studio Wild Measure based in Raleigh, North Carolina & Traverse City, Michigan.
Neither have ever been to New York City, and they are overwhelmed by the number of things to see and do. The last time we visited New York, we stayed at the Hilton New York Fashion District, which I thought was a great location–a close walk from the High Line Park, Chelsea Market, a great seasonal greenmarket (see below).

I also remember really enjoying the immigration museum with the chance to getting a feel for what emigrating to this country was like across the ages. If you’re buying more than 13 individual Metro fares on your trip, buy a 7-day unlimited transit pass for $30. I have visited the top three: the Museum of Modern Art, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the American Museum of Natural History.
Unlike the rest of the pricy, NYC metro system (as above), the Staten Island commuter ferry is apparently free and offers a great view of Manhattan. Go up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building – you can see the mainland of NJ and NY, Long Island and all the bridges. The company is still putting work on their first prototype, while doing so with a ton of experienced employees who know the industry. The next day I walked by and the front doors were opened up wide making it an open air restaurant.
One place I always love stopping in is Aesop mostly because of the design, but also for the smell and experience.
I thought I’d help them out by putting together some tips for their first trip to NYC. It was a convenient base for visiting Manhattan and the neighborhood felt safe to walk alone at night. In New York, on the other hand, I have seen celebrities every time I visit, which I think is due to the city being more dense and people walking more. The 11 person team has contributed to over 30 aircrafts, while a roster of ex-NASA, ex-Boeing and ex-Lockheed employees push for the future. We had never been to Soho and Nolita so it was so much fun to be within walking distance of so many amazing things. That $2.50 is a bargain compared to the PIA of driving in NY City traffic and the outrageous amount one pays daily or even weekly or monthly for parking in NY. And above the region of the bridge at 192nd street, reachable by subway, are the Cloisters – beautiful Medieval art and gorgeous gardens with some of the best espalier you will ever see.
We felt pretty pampered because it was a trip for a Pinterest Influencer meetup and we were treated to the most amazing room at Trump Soho (seriously so amazing!!) We walked in to this 180 degree view of New York on the south end with the Empire State on one side and the Hudson River on the other. The decor was so disheveled but perfect at the same time while the selection of beers and cocktails were top-notch.
We ended that evening drinking cocktails and chatting around the bar with Michael from Inspired by Charm and Will from Bright Bazaar. Later that evening we noticed we were seated right next to Garson (with a friend and his family) at the wood-fired pizza place we visited with a friend. It’s lovely in the spring and summer, and the Museum of the Cloisters is beautiful at Christmas. Space is extremely limited or non-existent, meters must be fed and tickets for expired meters are pricey. Not to mention possible vandalism to cars or unintentional scrapings and scratchings from the traffic all around.

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