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Bellavance Trucking is a full-service flatbed, stepdeck, lowbed, refrigerated, and dry van carrier with over 60 years of experience. Preferred Logistics offers LTL (Less than Truckload) and FTL (Full Truckload) services. We utilize our state-of-the-art TMS (Transportation Management System) that allows our customers to choose the carrier, price and service level needed. We also specialize in servicing contractually larger LTL and FTL shippers with special customer specific pricing and comprehensive logistical services backed up by experienced freight professionals. No matter if you want to ship 1 pallet per week or 100 crates per day in your state or region or across the country, we have a solution for you. A comprehensive LTL & FTL network that means you can reach your important markets with reliability and confidence. Simplicity, convenience and reliability of our single point of contact service and technology. Using advanced diesel engines in tractor-trailers could lower their fuel consumption by up to 20 percent by 2020, and improved aerodynamics could yield an 11 percent reduction.
The old school look has taken a jump in popularity in custom rigs over the past number of years. One of the big rig shows that we love to hit every summer is the Clifford Truck Show held in rural Ontario, on the Civic Long Weekend. Unfair to Drivers May 03, 16 11:43 AM When I drive in snowy conditions, and potentially the truck can roll over, I can be fired and can go to jail in some cases.

Arrogant and Condescending CEO's and Managers May 03, 16 11:30 AMCEO's and managers are big warts on the trucking industry. You Can't Fix Stupid in the Trucking Industry May 03, 16 11:04 AMThe saying 'You can't fix stupid' rings true with the Walmart truck accident, where the driver clearly made a poor decision and the company hired a stupid driver in the first place. Brothers Joe and Arthur Bellavance started Bellavance Trucking in 1950 primarily to haul loads of granite monuments out of Barre, VT to Pittsburgh, PA.
We offer heavily discounted transnational rates with numerous well known carriers to choose from. Also offered are RGN, Double Drop, Gooseneck Trailer, Box Truck and other less common specialized freight options.
You might think, then, that improving the fuel economy of these hulking vehicles would be difficult. Hybrid powertrains could lower the fuel consumption of vehicles that stop frequently, such as garbage trucks and transit buses, by as much 35 percent in the same time frame.
But the NRC also advocates driver training and higher fuel taxes—two simple ways to cut consumption. Custom touches such as headlights, low windshield visors, original factory design paint schemes and countless other features, make up that old school look that is sweeping the truck show circuit. Low rates, lousy pay and our frustration seem to fade into the background, even for just awhile.

Our company is proud to still be a family owned and operated business with 2nd and 3rd generation Bellavance’s running daily operations.
A fuel tax would spur companies to invest in fuel-saving technologies by providing monetary incentive, while a training program that teaches drivers to utilize fuel-saving practices (i.e.
They remind us of the good things left in a business that's taken a pretty good beating over the last number of years, with excessive laws, over scrutinizing and declining freight rates. Bellavance has become the largest granite hauler in New England, but we haul product and materials for a wide variety of customers. With over 100 trucks and 250 trailers, Bellavance Trucking proudly serves customers across the nation.
Such a program could at least be an effective interim measure while companies research more high-tech solutions.

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