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Virginian C430 has both the 4301 cab number, plus the yellow nose chevrons and VGN circle herald. Outside of the almost made GBW C430, TYCO avoids any and all prototype offerings for this model. TYCO's Spirit of '76 Century 430 includes the same paint scheme and differs only in its seal. Not content with its two Alco diesel dressed for bicentennial service, TYCO also made the F-9A available in Spirit of '76. The Spirit of '76 F-9s were available as Twin F-9 Diesels (No.248-35) in the 1975-76 catalog.

I had some job business to take care of this morning, then after that was over, I hit some local stores in an area I used to work in about 7 years ago. Ok, the wife's gone, off for her massage appointment, so I can get the trains in the house, take evidence photos ( er, pictures ) and post them here.
By 1976, TYCO had three diesel locomotives, a steam engine, passenger cars, freight cars, and a caboose available.
Found 3 places with trains today, the first had all Life-Lke stuff, but said 1950 train, $99.99. I wound up buying a nice Tyco Super 630 Bicentennial ( I think that's what it is ), a Shazam boxcar, and a pudding boxcar, all Tyco.

No diecast worth mentioning, but then I spotted something - a BNSF locomotive hanging vertically! Took that down, looked a bit more then spotted the 2nd engine, a Life-Like Santa Fe diesel, missing some wheels on on truck.
Glad the Forum is back up, I was have SEVERE TFWS ( Tyco Forum Withdrawal Symptom ), including quickness of breath, shakey hands (checking the website ) among other symptoms.

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