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The Tyco 440x2 Black Silicone Tires listed above are slip-on tires that fit the standard factory wheels. The Tyco 440 Black Silicone Tires listed above are slip-on tires that fit the standard factory wheels. The Tyco HP7 chassis is no longer being produced by Mattel, which is unfortunate because this particular chassis was very closely matched to the Tomy AFX Turbo chassis which is still in production.
There is extra track including eight (8) 15 inch straights, four (4) 9 inch straights & four (4) 6 inch straights. I invested the time to carefully set up this group of track so that I could inspect and test each part for defects.

If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. Included: Two (2) sections B5838T 15 inch straight track, one B5863 lap counter, one B5832 terminal straight, six sections B5831 9 inch radius circle curves, four yellow guard rails, two plug in racing controllers, one TYCO electric racing power pack wall hobby transformer, one flag pole set and one red Magnum 440 Lamborghini in very good condition. Mattel acquired Tyco several years ago, but retained the 440x2 chassis and re-named it the 440x3. Some of the first things to be dropped were track sections to make 4- and 6-lane raceways and the venerable HP 7 chassis.Mattel renamed the Tyco product line Mattel Electric Hot Wheels and renamed the Tyco 440x2 chassis the 440x3. The only difference is a small capacitor on the motor brushes to reduce Radio Frequency Interference (RFI.)The only major difference between the Magnum 440x2 and original Magnum 440 chassis is the rear traction magnet.

All they require is any Tyco body shell to become a fully functional slot car.Sometimes it's cheaper to just replace an old worn out or damaged chassis with a new one than it is to purchase all of the repair parts required separately. The set includes ten (10) 9 inch curves, two (2) 15 inch straights, one (1) 9 inch straight & one (1) 9 inch terminal straight.
A Magnum 440x2 chassis has a pair of traction magnets located behind the motor (hence the x2 designation) while the original Magnum 440 had a single bar magnet that ran the full width of the chassis.

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