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During the 70s, as our nation was nearing its 200th year of Independence, several toys came out in celebration. I have always enjoyed model trains and would most likely have one set up today if I had the room.
TYCO's Spirit of '76 Century 430 includes the same paint scheme and differs only in its seal. Not content with its two Alco diesel dressed for bicentennial service, TYCO also made the F-9A available in Spirit of '76. The Spirit of '76 F-9s were available as Twin F-9 Diesels (No.248-35) in the 1975-76 catalog. APRIL 4TH 2010 - I HAVE JUST NOTICED THAT SOME OF MY PICTURES THAT WERE ORIGINALLY POSTED HERE HAVE VANISHED SOMEHOW. Huh, looks like I was wrong about the tri-domes having the only sequential reporting marks in Tyco, then.

By 1976, TYCO had three diesel locomotives, a steam engine, passenger cars, freight cars, and a caboose available.
I've never seen the official Presidential sealed So76 up close, and have never seen the caboose without the stars or knew of it's existence.
It was on a raised platform about two feet off the ground, so we could comfortably sit on the edge of it (it was approximately 4×8). But sadly it was misplaced when we moved to Florida and we cannot figure out where it went.
I had dinner in the dining car as I crossed the Mississippi River on my way to Ottumwa, Iowa to be enrolled into Indian Hills Community College. When you buy a Amtrak train ticket for your personal seat then, you pay extra for a personal Roomette or even a personal Bedroom for your self during your travel.
Believe these to be the run after 1 st issue as the back of the boxes have color tyco pictures.

Finish is non gloss------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3rd variation--B-- These are next after the 2nd issue.
REVISED-THESE WERE THE LAST ISSUE--THANKS G-I-C FOR THE INFO------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3rd variation--A-- These were issued in 1976 in a three pack-could not find boxes as they are in storage but they are the same as above boxes.
These were issued after the car data ones.Footnote- The graphics are painted on in the 1st and 3rd photos and the 2nd set is decaled. Some of the caboose boxes i have came from sets and have a plain white box with out any numbering.

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