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This fully assembled Intermountain cylindrical hopper is a generic car representing an entire group of different cars used for purposes from grain transport to potash transport. This release includes an undecorated version and 6 road numbers in eight schemes, with several interesting new schemes. A total of 300 cars were built by the PRR at Altoona between July 17, 1948, and October 11, 1948, in number series 253500-253799.
In addition to the PRR schemes, they were also painted in both Penn Central (gray and green) and Conrail (gray and red) schemes.

The round hatch version of this car is generally used in Potash service, while the trough hatch version is generally used in grain service.
First was the Circle Keystone (CK) as delivered in Freight Car Color (FCC) with white lettering. These types of cars are widely used by Canadian roads and are seen in many parts of the United States as well.
And lastly, the Plain Keystone (PK) scheme with gray body color with black lettering was also used.

There were four bulkheads, creating five bays, each having two hopper openings measuring 13 by 24.
The trucks were Class 2E-F22A, made by American Steel Foundries with Type A-3 Ride Control.

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