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The Utah Belt is an expanded version of the original with a similar modern southwest theme.
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I suppose you’ll find several kind of Utah Belt Model Railroad Layout interest groups?
I’m fascinated by your attention to detail and of course your modeling the ever present. It is familiar how experts cannot relate to an intricate occurred to me that appears like interesting this although I cherish each one of the individual. The mainline connects two staging areas of six 20-foot reverse loop staging yards stacked over each other. I enjoy seeing modern loco’s traversing through the beautiful scenery on your layout.
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Intermodal, unit coal trains and manifests pulled by modern EMD power keep the rails polished on this intermountain bridge route.
I do have a question though, how many cars can you typically put in a train that will fit without bottling things up?
The Utah Belt has been featured in many issues of both Model Railroader and Railroad Model Craftsman.

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