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NEXT Selena Gomez and Rumored New Boyfriend Zedd to Make Debut as Couple at Grammy Awards 2015, Diplo Confirms Relationship? Officials say the driver of the black Jeep was trying to beat the train at the crossing at Lakeview Avenue in Valhalla, New York. The Jeep also caused the electrified third rail to tear from the tracks and burst through the first car in the train.
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the agency that runs the railroad, declared that the crash was the deadliest accident in the history of Metro-North.
The National Transportation Safety Board will launch an investigation to examine the signals at the crossing, the highway that intersects the rail tracks and the fire, said board member Robert Sumwalt.Tagsmetro north, MTA, Andrew Cuomo, Gov.
A Department of Health and Human Services study found 22,798 unaccompanied children were housed with parents, aunts, uncles, or other close relatives between September 2015 and February 2016, nearly equaling the total of the previous 12-month period.
Canelo Alvarez and Amir Khan square off tonight in Las Vegas in their much anticipated World Boxing Council middleweight title fight. A Metro-North Railroad passenger train smolders after hitting a vehicle in Valhalla, New York State, Tuesday, February 3, 2015.
VALHALLA, New York, United States — Officials say six people were killed and at least 12 others were injured when a commuter train struck a vehicle on the tracks north of New York City. Metro-North Railroad spokesman Aaron Donovan said the northbound train struck a Jeep Cherokee at a railroad crossing in Valhalla on Tuesday evening. Donovan says the fatalities consisted of the vehicle’s female driver and five people aboard the train. The rail passengers were moved to the rear of the train, which had left Grand Central Terminal about 45 minutes earlier. Metro-North is the nation’s second-busiest railroad, after the Long Island Rail Road.
The northbound Metro-North Railroad train struck a Jeep Cherokee in Valhalla, about 20 miles north of New York City, railroad spokesman Aaron Donovan said. The railroad crossing gates had come down on top of the SUV, which was stopped on the tracks, the Metro-North spokesman said. Witnesses said they saw the flames shooting from where the crash occurred, in a wooded area near a cemetery. Ryan Cottrell, assistant director at a nearby rock climbing gym, said he had been looking out a window because of an earlier, unrelated car accident and saw the train hit the car, pushing it along. More than 750 passengers likely were aboard the train, including Justin Kaback, commuting home to Danbury, Connecticut.
The other rail passengers were moved to the rear of the train, which had left Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan about 45 minutes earlier. All railroad grade crossings have gate arms that are designed to lift automatically if they strike something like a car on the way down, railroad safety consultant Grady Cothen said. Last March, the Federal Railroad Administration issued a stinging report on Metro-North, saying the railroad let safety concerns slip while pushing to keep trains on time. We've sent you a confirmation email, please click on the link in the email to confirm your subscription. Six people were killed after a crowded commuter train slammed into a sport utility vehicle on the tracks north of New York City on Tuesday.
The crash caused the SUV to explode in a fireball that set the front of the train ablaze, officials said. It was the deadliest accident in the history of the Metro-North system, which carries about 285,000 passengers a day.
Cuomo gave the revised death toll of six in an interview with NY1, a local cable news channel. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said the Jeep was stopped on the tracks when a railroad crossing gate came down on top of it. The National Transportation Safety Board dispatched a team of investigators to the crash site.
Deborah Hersman, the former chair of the National Transportation Safety Board, said that trains such as the ones that crashed generally have devices that record speed, throttle position, braking patterns and bells and whistles.
Investigators will also scour any video footage recorded on the train or at the scene, she said. Jamie Wallace was sitting in the second car from the front when the train slammed into the Jeep. Family members gathered at Westchester Medical Center Tuesday to await word on their loved ones. Neil Rader normally sits near the front of the train on his commute to his home in Katonah, but he was running late and ended up in the middle of the train, closer to the rear. In that accident, investigators found that engineer William Rockefeller fell asleep before the train roared into a 30 mph curve at a speed of 82 mph.

Four other accidents in New York and Connecticut in 2013 and 2014 were blamed by the NTSB on a lack of track maintenance and poor communication. Driver and engineer in Metro-North crash saw horror ahead but it was too late to avert doom 400-foot section of electrified third rail, broken into five 80-foot pieces, gashed through SUV driven by Ellen Brody, 49.
The suburban mom trapped on the Metro-North tracks near the Valhalla station was one of six people killed in a gruesome, fiery wreck that decapitated one commuter despite the engineera€™s desperate efforts to stop the train.
A National Transportation Safety Board team was on the ground Wednesday at the charred accident site, where hundreds of commuters escaped the burning train one night before. A 400-foot section of the electrified third rail, broken into five 80-foot pieces, gashed through the Mercedes-Benz SUV driven by Ellen Brody before piercing the floor of the first car of the train.
A source indicated some of the dead passengers were sliced when the rail tore through the floor a€?like it was cutting through butter. One chunk of rail barely missed the engineer as it ripped through his compartment in the front of the train, a source added. All victims of deadly Metro-North crash identified Facebook Ellen Brody was identified as the driver of the SUV that was struck by the train Tuesday night. The Mercedes was pushed 1,000 screeching feet down the tracks a€” more than the length of three football fields a€” before coming to its explosive halt, authorities said.
The fireball that charred the inside of the traina€™s first car, where the five riders were killed, was apparently ignited by a gas tank explosion in the SUV. The rear of the Edgemont womana€™s car was first struck by a gate at the intersection with the Metro-North tracks, and she casually stepped outside to check for damage, a source said.
At that point, her car a€” though on the wrong side of the gate a€” was not initially in the path of the oncoming train. Neither Brody nor the traina€™s engineer was able to do anything in the seconds before impact to stop the crash. Despite the horrific outcome, engineer Steven Smalls,32, was hailed for his heroism in the deadly crash.
But he first slammed the train into emergency mode, fully engaging its brakes in an effort to stop the deadliest crash in Metro-Northa€™s 32-year history. Smalls, bruised and suffering from smoke inhalation, was treated at Westchester Medical Center and released. There was a moment of silence Wednesday afternoon on the floor of the House of Representatives, led by Rep.
The SUV driver was one of five victims identified after all six victims were burned almost beyond recognition. Passengers said it was an uneventful trip home until the crunching steel sent riders careening around the train. There was some good news after the ghastly wreck that illuminated the winter sky, with bleeding passengers sitting in snowbanks as first responders arrived at the scene. Only one of the 15 injured passengers remained in critical condition Wednesday, with a half-dozen now listed as good or fair a€” and four victims released from hospitals. The NTSB team will stay on the scene for five to seven days, but a full investigation will take about a year.
Team members had already recovered several key recording devices that will provide them with the train speed and other important details a€” including any possible malfunction of the gate. Investigators were also hopeful that video evidence would turn up, giving them a real-time view of what went wrong at the crossing.
The vast majority of passengers fled the burning train before authorities arrived a€” some steered to wait inside a nearby gym, and others sent to stand near a cemetery. The previous worst Metro-North wreck killed four passengers in December 2013 when a commuter train jumped the track while speeding at nearly three times the 30-mph limit in the Bronx.
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Terrified passengers have told of the moment their crowded train hit a car on the tracks, causing a deadly explosion on New York’s Metro-North line.Seven people died on Tuesday in the deadliest crash in the line’s history. Aditya Tomar (pictured), who was born in India and worked for JP Morgan, was identified as a victim of the Metro North collision. A National Transportation Safety Board employee (left) takes pictures of a section of railroad track where an SUV was struck by a Metro-North Railroad train. Married mother-of-three Ellen Brody was identified as the driver of an SUV which was hit by a train on Tuesday in Valhalla, New York when she stopped her vehicle on the tracks. A National Transportation Safety Board employee examines the intersection where an SUV was struck by a Metro-North Railroad train in Valhalla, New York on Thursday. Robert Dirks (left), 36, of Chappaqua and 42-year-old Joseph B Nadol (right) of Ossining were also killed in the crash. Andrew Cuomo confirmed on Wednesday that six people were killed and over a dozen were injured after a Metro-North train slammed into a SUV Tuesday night.

Fifteen people were also injured, including seven who have been listed in very serious condition. Officials said six persons, including the female driver of the Jeep Cherokee struck by the train and five train passengers, were killed.
We reserve the right to exclude comments which are inconsistent with our editorial standards. The driver got out to look at the rear of the vehicle, then she got back in and drove forward and was struck, he said. She said her train car was evacuated about 10 minutes later using ladders to get people out. The arms are made of wood and are designed to be easily broken if a car trapped between them moves forward or backward, he said. Late last year, the National Transportation Safety Board issued rulings on five accidents that occurred in New York and Connecticut in 2013 and 2014, repeatedly finding fault with the railroad while also noting that conditions have improved. 1, 2013, derailment that killed four people, the railroad’s first passenger fatalities, in the Bronx. The driver got out, checked the rear of the vehicle, and then she got back in and drove forward and was struck by the train, the agency said.
MTA Chairman Tom Prendergast said the train's event recorder should help to piece together the circumstances surrounding the crash. Some passengers had to break the glass on doors to get out; others used ladders to descend from the stopped train.
There were panicked calls for a fire extinguisher farther up the train, he said, but the doors to the first car were jammed shut.
The National Transportation Safety Board said an undiagnosed condition of sleep apnea contributed to the crash. He escaped from the burning wreckage with his life a€” and told first responders that he helped four or five passengers from the train. Right, a group of employees gather evidence at the scene'They confirmed that it was him,' Dee Persaud said.
The rail crossing signs and barriers can be seenA A northbound train collided with the vehicle being driven by 49-year-old Mrs Brody at a railroad crossing on Tuesday night during the rush-hour commute from New York City. Both were riding on the northbound Harlem line train at the timeIt's believed that the train was travelling at about 58mph at the time of the collision, below the 60mph to 70mph limit.
Service on its Harlem Line was suspended between Pleasantville and North White Plains after the crash. The NTSB said the engineer had fallen asleep at the controls because he had a severe, undiagnosed case of sleep apnea. That train typically carries about 650 people when it leaves Grand Central bound for northern suburbs, officials said. Passengers were calm at first, but tension began to build when they learned the train had hit a car, she said. Reshma texted her husband asking 'Where are you?' but got no answer.A 'She thought maybe he had to stay at work late. Instead of pulling through the intersection though, she got out to inspect the back of her car.
According to Federal Railroad Administration standards, there is a strict protocol on when warning systems activate to warn of an approaching train. I don't know the names of many of the people I've come to recognize on my daily commute.'I see them every day, without fail. I see them more than I see some members of my family!A 'They have held doors for me when I got stuck behind someone trying to exit the train, they've given up their seat to me when I wasn't feeling well, and we've changed smiles and friendly ''hello's.'''A 'Who's face won't I see every day? Mrs Brody was hit after getting back behind the wheel and trying to continue across the tracks.A A The crash happened in the dark in an area where the tracks are straight but drivers exiting or entering the adjacent Taconic Parkway had to turn and cross them. The investigation is expected to take a week.A Meanwhile, service on the Harlem Line has resumed after the crash caused delays on the line that connects New York City to Wassaic, New York.
The nice older gentleman who always smiled at me and said ''good evening''?'I keep thinking "if I followed my normal routine there is a good chance I wouldn't be here'' the only thing that stopped me from being on that train was a split second choice to look over a few papers.A 'It's chilling. Get Daily Slideshow newsletterDaily Slideshow Newsletter is the way to get the best picture shows of the day in your inbox.Subscribe nowSLIDESHOW HOMEDAY IN PICS SLIDESHOW HOMEREPLAYDid you like "February 4, 2015" slideshow? Two of the victims included a prominent banker and a curator for the Metropolitan Museum of Art.A A Victim Eric Vandercar, 53, was senior managing director and head of municipal funding in the international sales and trading department at Mesirow Financial, according to the company's website, and had joined last year. With an MBA from NYU, he had previously worked for Morgan Stanley for three decades.A The 53-year-old, along with his wife Jill, was an avid music fan, sharing live concert tapes with online archives.

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