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With news of Volkswagen apparently considering the Amarok pickup for sale in Canada comes the strange sense of deja vu that us socialist Northerners get whenever an enticing, not-sold-in-America product is discussed. As recently as 2009, a senior Volkswagen exec was overheard discussing the plight of the Volkswagen Polo. And so we come to the Amarok, the pickup truck that Volkswagen fanboys have been drooling over since its introduction. Having spoken to workers who currently build this pickup in Argentina, I hope that if and when Canadians get this model, it will be the one built at the recently-announced Hanover, Germany location. TDI, StD, I would buy one of these in a heartbeat, too bad they couldn’t do a retro verison of the transporter with the opening bed gates. On the bright side (pun not intended), they would likely have a chance of being the sales leader on the moon. VW Canada sold the Transporter diesel here until 1997, and those vans always had a strong fleet following. Well, petition your congress-critter to push the US to sign on to the international vehicular standards that every other major world nation uses.
If all the other automakers in a market (say, Eurozone) are building to the World specs, and you spend the extra cash to make it NA compliant, without actually requiring a NA compliant model, you’ll not be competitive. Not that this wouldn’t be kind of cool, but when base F-150s are going for $19,999 new I highly doubt VW could make this work unless they could somehow sell this for under $13K.
Isn’t it about time that we (the world) come up with just one world standard for vehicles? Part of the problem here is that Federal governments approve vehicles, but states and provinces determine what can go on the road. At 1792 kg (3950 pounds) empty with its lightest engine and 5,254 mm (206.9 in) long, this thing is hardly dinky. If VW bring the truck to Canada they might as well go the whole way and bring it to the US. If there was an actual market for Amaroks in the US, they’d already be here, chicken tax or not.
Scirocco R runs an online LSD, you can feel the task to limit the effect of torque and help suppress the leadership tug during hard acceleration, but still far from ideal.
I have often wondered why dealers, specifically those that export vehicles do not go out of their way to bring more interesting cars to our shores.  Case in point, this 1991 Volkswagen Golf Country that is currently in en route to the states from Japan. First of all about this sale: The car is in the process of being imported, however is currently still in Japan.
The car is fitted with all the original Country Golf suspention and sway bars, as well as full underbody subframe. The seats are in very good shape and have syncro embroidered in all four headrests (one of the subtle touches I like).
The ship across the ocean takes 2 week, and this is the main reason I am starting the post now.
Not my problem, I would drive this all day over a Tiguan.  The key word being drive, assuming the seller does what they say they can do in regards to import this is a Golf that can be driven and enjoyed almost immediately. Are they expecting the buyer to pay up front, with no guarantee that all of those questions will have a positive outcome? Please note we do not represent these vehicles and our opinion on these cars has no guarantee or warranty.

The Paint & Body is Absolute Beautiful with an Amazing Show Quality paint job that Glows it is Less than a Year old. I have not seen one of these in as long as I can remember and I am certain it was nowhere near this nice.  Kudos to the seller on a fantastic restoration, pictures, and description. Bidding currently sits at $17,750 with no reserve, this van will sell.  $20k seems reasonable but I would not be surprised if this van fetched more.
This model is very rare for this US but endless the seller did all the work himself he likely cut corners to sell it at this price. Though currently in Canada, today’s 1982 Vanagon was originally a California car and should be easy enough to get back to the States, should you choose to get awesome. 1982 VANAGON WESTFALIA VIN: WV2ZA0254CH023527 (Last year of Air-cooled) from California, 100% RUST free.
The choice of original VW color SAVANNAH BEIGE METALLIC LH1V (85-88) was picked for the best match with the BROWN and BEIGE interior and the original TAN color tent. Also, as awesome as Porsche power is it also means Porsche prices when something goes wrong. Homologating the Polo would have simply cost too much, as our vehicle standards are nearly in line with the United States.
Not counting countries where anything goes, it does seems like Europe has become pretty strict over the years to the point of equaling us in red tape and regulations . There has to be a gaping hole in the market for a mid size diesel 4X4 truck big enough to sail a cargo ship packed with Amarok’s through? He feels very well planted in the corners and happy to immediately change direction with a clear direction and precisely. He bought it from a nother dealer who had accepted it as a trade in from the origial owner. The outer lower drivers side bolster is slightly worn in a quarter sized spot, but other than that everything is great.
He is the lucky inheritor of a gold Westy as well as a 1974 911S that has been unfortunately and rustily neglected since a complete rebuild over 15 years ago. It was completely restored in 2004 with the transmission rebuilt and a rebuilt 1977 911S motor installed.
I’m surprised at the lack of brake upgrade as this tin can has double the power it originally came with. TDI sales were accounting for as much as 50 percent of Volkswagen’s total mix, and the dealers thought an even more efficient subcompact with a TDI option would be a slam dunk. You’d think if you picked the strictest standard and built to that you could easily homologate a car to just about any market.
Sort of an automatic reciprocity for any European, Japanese, Australian, Canadian, or Korean market vehicles. All our Sciroccos 19s and will feature a standard adaptive damping with three settings (Normal, Comfort and Sport).
This will be up to me, and whoever buys the car will be buying a street legal, licensed car in America. We were lucky enough to be able to source one for $7,000 from Germany as there were none in Japan, and we were told there was only 1 at the dealer we bought it from in Germany. At this time the fender flares, bumpers, and molding strips were smooted and painted the same gunmetal as the wheels.

If you would like additional attribution for your work, or wish to remove your listing from our site, we are happy to accommodate.
From almost every angle it’s classic and perfect Westy, extremely clean and beige through the interior and exterior. And unfortunately the fake rotors on the wheels do even less for the looks than the performance.
The unknown costs of certifying the Amarok are the biggest variable here, but VW of America is apparently not going to take the Amarok, making the economic case that much harder.
It would drastically reduce the cost and time to market for manufacturers, allow for fast introductions of smaller and more fuel efficient models, and lower break even sales to a point where low sales volumes of specialty models can still be profitable. Sometimes these systems can make a big difference, but it does. The Scirocco is not practical, such as golf, but should not be too difficult to live either. One of the plastic covers for the speaker in the door is cracked a bit but no pieces are missing and could be glued back together if it bothered the next owner enough. Being that Japanese roads are much narower than American roads there were some scuffs on the fenders so they, along with the bumpers, molding strips, front roll bar, rear bar holding the tire, skid plate, and mirrors have all been removed and are being repainted to match the body color. Keep in mind the car is at our dealer now, and some if not all these issues will be repaired before the car is exported. It may lack the durability and cheap repairs of Subaru-swapped vans, but I can only imagine the perfection of hearing an air-cooled 911 engine in a VW camper. That’s until you lift the rear engine cover or peak underneath and see a yellow Porsche flat-six hiding under there. I can get over that (it IS French-Canadian, after all), as this is a very cool van with an exceptional swap.
To pour salt on the dealer body’s wounds, Australia, a market similar in size, gets the Polo, but only because their standards are much more relaxed.
It has two doors, but the sport bucket type seats four and has a surprising amount of reserves in the rear. The lack of AWD affect the driving experience, we have discovered for aggressive Stelvio Pass in the Italian Alps, but not spoiled completely. The luggage compartment is also more restrictive than expected and a little more space than the corresponding Golf R. It may be missing the final push this car, but the Scirocco R is still a fantastic ride.
The $25k starting price may cause initial sticker shock, but if this had a GoWesty bill of sale, it’d be going for at least twice that.
I am not some tourist over here for a brief stay claiming to bring a rare car back to make internet friends. Clean stock Westfalias can easily eclipse $30k these days, so this is a relative value for a damn cool car. The one thing that doesnt work is the electronic antenna wont come up when you push the button for it on the dash, havent figured out why not yet. I’m dying to get my friend’s van project going because I have to hear that engine in a van! I plan to thouroughly clean everything and find out if there is an issue and have it taken care of before exporting.

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