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When the white men came to the area, drawn largely by mining possibilities, there were many Indians, but none seemed to have permanent homes. Soon the Indians were being moved farther west, and what we have left are the legends of Mini Sauk and Tom Sauk - the story of the beautiful Indian maiden who wouldn't leave her lover. William and Joseph Reed settled in Belleview Valley in 1798, John Miller and James George settled on Marble Creek in 1800, and the same year David Shaver, Andrew Wallace and Major McFadden came to Des Arc (originally called Shavertown).
Looney Sharp and his two sons built a cabin near the Indian trail just east of the Knights of Pythias Cemetery and another some distance to the south close to a large spring not far from the old cabin the Russell's came to when they arrived from the east.
Cyrus Russell, his wife and nine children and one nephew arrived on May 18, 1838 from Somers, Connecticut, after a long trip by wagon and boat by way of New Tennessee (on the Mississippi). Missouri ranked only third to the states of Virginia and Tennessee in the number of battles and skirmishes in a single state during the Civil War, and Iron County saw its share of this action.

The site for Fort Davidson was to be near the center of the valley where the iron furnace and railroad were located.
With the exception of a few guerrilla incidents, the fall of 1864 marked the end of major fighting in Iron County. Another point of interest is the Shut-In-Gap; a very beautiful and scenic place where the Confederates first entered the Valley, and a short but hot skirmish ensued with the 3rd Missouri State Militia Cavalry. The Osage Indians had historically "owned" southern Missouri and some of today's roads follow their ancient trails. Evidently, no one came to the Arcadia Valley area until Ephraim Stout moved up from Wayne County (where he had a Spanish land grant) and settled on the creek named for him in 1805.
Tong and David Carson ran a store at the eastern base of Shepherd Mountain in what was known as Shepherd Valley.

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Grant received official notification of his promotion to Brigadier General erected it in 1886. Louis, history might have taken a different turn and the Civil War might have been prolonged.

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