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Wallies have a bear, a deer, and a moose in green, red, and tan circular frames designed by Warren Kimble. Article number:e21594We produce everything on demand and our wall murals come with paste and hanging instructions.
Rest of the World, 2-6Our wallpapers are easy to hang and come in two materials: standard and premium. Keep original proportionsMirror imagexThe specified dimensions are not suited to the motif’s proportions.
If you wish to use the entire image without cropping, check the ‘”Retain original proportions” box.

Skins are protective, removable vinyl stickers that give your iPhone 6+ a custom look while protecting it from scratches at the same time.
Our standard and premium wallpaper is delivered with wallpaper paste and instructions for hanging. You can only specify width or height, the other measurement will automatically be altered in proportion to the motif. Calculate new priceEnter your required dimensions for the entire wall mural in the width and height fields.
To allow a margin when mounting your mural, we recommend that you add around 3-6 cm to the width and height of the wall.

A further layer has been added which makes the material scratch-resistant, wipe clean and non-reflective.

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