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Idowu Daramola, 51, of Buffalo, NY, appeared in court today, April 24, 2015, for a pretrial hearing. WEST NEW YORK — A bus driver was using his cell phone Tuesday afternoon when the vehicle jumped a curb on a busy West New York street and struck a lamppost, sending the pole crashing down onto a baby stroller and killing an 8-month-old girl and narrowly missing her mother, authorities said. The first lamppost fell onto the stroller, gravely injuring Angelie Paredes of North Bergen, said Michael Makarski, a spokesman for the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office.
West New York Police Officer Michael Stetson said that when he arrived at the scene, Maylin Paredes, the baby’s mother, who had been pushing the stroller, was screaming hysterically and crying. The bus dropped off several passengers near East 56th Street shortly before the accident, but the wheels began to spin when it started moving again, and it careened into the lamppost seconds later, several witnesses said. Daramola and four others were treated for minor injuries and released from area hospitals, according to Makarski, who said the driver was taken to the Hudson County Correctional Facility in Kearny.
Residents described a chaotic scene unfolding along Kennedy Boulevard moments after the accident.
Juan Navarrete said he heard the crash from his 21stfloor apartment and rushed down to the street to find Stetson performing CPR. The stroller that Angelie Paredes was riding in when a lamppost struck by a bus fell on it Tuesday afternoon. Navarrrette, the neighbor who told of hearing the crash, said he broke down in tears as he watched the desperate struggle to save the infant.

The small white casket carrying the body of Angelie Paredes is carried out of the Vainieri Funeral Home in North Bergen.
Featuring pre-show trivia and a slideshow presentation by I Love Bad Movies, a visit from Sharxpert Matt Glasson and running commentary by The Flop House. What’s a shark to do when his favorite family (to eat) leaves Amity Island for a vacation in the Bahamas? Michael Caine stars as a pilot named Hoagie (sandwiched into the role of “Just Barely Replacing Roy Scheider”), throwing his dignity into the propeller of an airplane which is later eaten by a shark. Given a rare “zero stars” by the late, great Roger Ebert, this watery chum bucket of a sequel is the perfect way to ring in the summer season and all the cinematic disappointment it brings. He was charged with vehicular homicide after crashing his commuter van into a street lamp pole which fell, striking and killing an infant in West New York in 2013. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of New Jersey On-Line LLC. In all, five vehicles were involved and seven people were sent to area hospitals, officials said. Makarski said Daramola was using his cell phone but would not say whether he was talking or texting. A woman who answered the phone at the company’s offices yesterday afternoon said the manager was speaking with police and could not talk to the press Tuesday afternoon.

On Jairo’s Instagram page, the baby girl with the deep dark eyes can be seen smiling and playing in pools and taking her first steps toward the ocean during a recent vacation in Florida. Somehow determine exactly where they’re headed and then swim fast enough to beat their flight, of course!
Another picture taken last month shows Angelie standing upright, already trying to climb over the edge of her playpen. The conference will take place at the site of the crash, at Boulevard East and 56th Street in West New York.Angelie was killed when a jitney bus driver, while allegedly talking on a cellphone, slammed into a light pole, causing the pole to topple onto her stroller. Maylin Hago Paredes, clad all in black, walked hand-in-hand with her husband, her pain hidden behind dark sunglasses.Gunshefski said the family is doing its best to focus on celebrating life rather than dwelling on the negatives of the tragedy. The sheriff did not detail what the warrants entailed but said his current employer would have been notified.

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