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I have been receiving your hints and tips for some time now and thought you might like a peek at my model railway in Gauge 00. I also wanted to try and create the contrasting countryside and hills and moors which surround Halifax and Sowerby Bridge so I went on location and did panoramic photos for the backscenes.
All the shops and house are lit up inside at night and the shops are complete with interiors. With experience and experimentation you can get some very realistic contours and geological features with this method.
Buildings were from picture mounting board or balsa wood etched like the sandstone buildings, walls etc of this area.
I drew the buildings on the computer from original on site photos that I had taken, scaling them as I drew them.
You’ve done an excellent job on the backdrops which is what most layouts really need including my own. The way he has integrated the model scenery with the background is about the best I’ve seen.
What a layout, so realistic, would like to see some more of the details, certainly one to be proud of.
Hi Al I am recently retired and have by accident acquired numerous Model train locos, carriages etc. I have found that there are several armatures in need of rewiring and with no one in Sydney OZ to help I wish to give it a go myself.
At three score years and 16, I am about to embark on this wonderful adventure as a you and me time for my 5 year old grandson. Im just getting started but that is awesome work love to have backdrops like that someday keep up the great work!

Fantastic just starting on a similar setup for the Hawkesbury escarpment north of Sydney NSW hope to be half as good as yours also our major show at Liverpool starts today hope to get more feedback. Seriously the scenery and backdrop are excellent and you have made a great job of capturing the area look. Would like to make contact as Im am in the same line (LMS) and started this year at age 70. Hi, Just another thought, The backdrops are so good perhaps you could tell us how you produced such lengthy and brilliant backdrops. I am just starting to construct a layout and I am overwhelmed with yours…I hope I can build something half as good . Fantastic, some of the best work that I have seen in my three score and five, gathering parts and pieces to build another layout, I have a truly high bar in your work to attempt to match. Thanks to this fine site for the exposure of all the various ideas and examples of great work.
As the title suggests, I thought I would start a thread on rare trains, the trains that you don't see everyday. Not a problem John, I'm glad you liked it, the train would probably look amazing in Trainz, hope your well, it's good to see great friends still active in the forums. Also many thanks to all who have added to this thread, there is some good stuff on here, which I didn't even know about. Thank you to BD1 for sharing some of them excellent clips, some of them including a strange look into the future, and a memorable look into the past.
It is my first model railway and I started it 5 years ago when I was 3 score and ten years young. A lot of the buildings are scratchbuilt and the rest are from the excellent Metcalfe card range.

As the plaster is drying I dipped the almost by now dry 1″ paint brush into green,orange blue or black powder paint as I went along until I had the topographical and colour effect I was aiming for. The railway bridge was made from a high density pizza base which is round and comes on some makes of pizza.
If you travel to the Yorkshire countryside, you can see this scenery in real time – and this replication is an excellent copy.
To model a real scene is always a challenge as somebody will always know if you leave something out. Any chance of getting someone to film it for you with a bit of lighting and send Al a Youtube link so as we can all see this fantastic layout moving and alive. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. If so, DRS and their nuclear waste train, usually formed of 2xClass 37 or 2xClass 20, plus one or two nuclear container wagons. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
I wish more people would share they train layout pictures as you and I have done because that also helps me get ideas.

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