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Here’s an interesting little factoid: Did you you know the El Monte bus station is the busiest bus station west of Chicago? That work begins next Tuesday and it also means some parking is going to be shifted around at the current site. Metro will begin constructing a temporary bus terminal on Tuesday, April 20 in preparation for the ultimate construction of a new El Monte Bus Station. Parking at the El Monte Station during this construction period will be restricted and a chain link fence will be erected around the parking lot while construction of the temporary bus station proceeds.
El Monte Station patrons can use an additional parking facility set up at the former Chevrolet dealership lot just off Santa Anita Avenue adjacent to the San Bernardino Freeway. Metro will make every effort to minimize impacts to patrons during the construction period.
Following completion of the temporary bus terminal, the existing bus station will be closed for further construction work.
The $45 million El Monte Station construction project will consist of a new two story building that will house a public bus and terminal station with limited retail space, a customer service center and surface parking.

Once completed, the facility will be twice its current size and include modern amenities including variable message signs, intercoms, closed circuit television, solar panels, wayfinding equipment and information displays, new elevators and escalators, a transit store, bike stations and lockers and public art. The project is funded by a $210 million congestion reduction demonstration grant from the U.S. Metro and Caltrans District 7, along with Foothill Transit, Gardena Transit, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, MetroLink and Torrance Transit are partnering in a one-year demonstration project during which existing carpool lanes on the I-10 El Monte Busway (between Alameda Street and I-605) and the I-110 Harbor Transitway (between Adams Blvd. The upgrading of the El Monte Bus Station is an essential part of the success of the ExpressLane project in an effort to provide commuters, regardless of income level, with new and better travel options along two of LA County’s most congested corridors.
But first a temporary bus station must be built to replace the current one during construction. The construction will take place in the parking lot of the station located to the right of the main entrance at Santa Anita Ave. Signs guiding both vehicles and pedestrians around the transit center will be posted and pedestrians will be redirected to safe areas outside the construction zone. It is the largest bus station west of Chicago and is used by Metro, Foothill Transit, LAX FlyAway, Greyhound, El Monte Transit and Metrolink Shuttle.

The roof hovers, so to speak, above the forecourt of the renovated railway station designed by Zurich-based architecture studio Vehovar & Jauslin.
However, unlike its meteorological namesake, this cloud provides protection from the rain and snow.
This has created a welcoming zone for commuters transferring between the Swiss Federal Railways and Aarau’s regional buses, and a hangout for night owls which radiates metropolitan flair. I am designing the infrastructure system where flying cars would interact within our current transportation system.
I would like to use the third picture down with the buses, and the man wearing orange in the foreground.
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