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The New York, Westchester & Boston Railway, which will begin operation on May 29 in the borough of the Bronx, New York, and through Westchester County, over the routes indicated in the accompanying map, is unique as the first heavy electric traction system in the East which is neither an electrification of a steam railroad nor an extension of an ordinary direct-current city system. The new line passes through the sparsely settled territory of the northern part of Bronx Borough. The New York, Westchester & Boston Railway Company was incorporated under the laws of the State of New York on March 20, 1872. By act of Legislature in 1909 the consolidation of these companies was authorized, as was also the right to abandon the portion of the White Plains Branch of the Westchester Company between White Plains and Elmsford, N. The line from the Harlem River to 174th Street uses under a perpetual lease the tracks of the Harlem River branch of the New Haven Company. The new road will serve a great area of most attractive residential territory which hitherto has been too isolated from the metropolitan district to enjoy any considerable development. A great number of very large and most attractive real estate developments have already been opened and improved for settlement. The New York City terminal of the road will be at the same point as that of the Harlem River Branch of the New York, New Haven & Hartford road at Harlem River, where direct connection will be made with the elevated lines. It should be explained that, in view of the franchise condition which restricts the Westchester company to the collection of but one 5-cent fare for a ride within the city of New York, it would have been financially impracticable to carry passengers further than the northern terminals of existing city lines. As previously noted, the minimum number of trains and the longest permissible headway are fixed chiefly by the franchise requirements of the City of New York. All locals and expresses, in each direction, to alternate branches meet at the East Third Street station, Mount Vernon, to transfer passengers; that is, all New Rochelle locals meet White Plains expresses at this point and vice versa.
For the preliminary service express and local trains are to he operated between 180th Street and North Avenue, New Rochelle, on the east.
South-bound express trains leave East Third Street, Mount Vernon, every twenty minutes, stopping at Pelham Parkway and 180th Street. Express trains to the north leave East Third Street every forty minutes for North Avenue, New Rochelle, and local trains for North Avenue also run at 40-minute intervals. The regular service will call for a fifteen-minute headway for both express and local trains on each branch. In preparing the schedules it was planned that the local trains were to consist of one car each and express trains of three cars each. The single-trip fares on the New York, Westchester & Boston Railway are based upon the 5-cent zone system. The zone system of fare collection has been so devised that the passenger, whether occasional or commuting, will not be asked to show his ticket during the entire trip. Another wise step taken by the company to please its patrons has been the distribution of a booklet to its trainmen which will enable the latter to answer questions regarding the railway service and the geography of the territory.
According to the present plans of the company, baggage transportation will be purely interstation and will be limited to such personal belongings of passengers as baggage, tool chests, baby carriages, etc.
This NEW Bronx tour celebrating both the growing and diverse arts and food scenes in the center of the borough. We'll get ready for the Year of the Monkey with this visit to the Lower East Side and major Chinatown venues important in the Lunar New Year. We'll launch the 17th season of Noshwalks with an updated version of our winter-friendly "Slices of Midtown" tour, sampling South Asian, Persian and Korean food, including two sitdowns tastings, plus a visit at one of New York City's most famous food stores a€“ Kalustyan's, where we'll met for some wonderful tastes!
Directions: Take the #6 train to 28th Street at Park Avenue, walk one block east, or any of a number of buses on Lexington, Madison, and Third Avenues. This cold-weather-friendly tour takes you to Russian, Salvadoran, Venezuelan and Dominican places, all the while highlighting historic and cultural sights in the area. Meeting Place: Meet in front of Fort Tryon Park at Margaret Corbin Circle, across from the 190th Street exit of the A train at Fort Washington Avenue. In recent years, this neighborhoods has come to be more representative of both South Asia and some of its Himalayan kingdoms, as we visit markets offering South Asian produce, spices and pulses as well as tastes of Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. PS: This area is great for shopping, too, so as in all Noshwalks, you're advised to bring a backpack or tote to bring food home! Come hungry AND curious as we enjoy in a walk that spotlights a remarkable combination of food diversity and history in a slice of the Bronx that foodies have yet to devour.
Meeting Place: Meet at at the bronze monument of an empty chair with a dictionary under it, located in Owen F.
Directions: Take the #6 train to Westchester Square, south of the intersection of East Tremont Avenue and Westchester Avenue. Get ready for Passover as we tour bakeries, appetizing shops, a wonderful candy and nut store and a Yemeni market in bustling Borough Park.
It's quicker to get to this tasty New Jersey neighborhood by PATH than to many NYC neighborhoods on the subway!
Although this Noshwalk focuses on the delicious Southeast Asian a€“ mainly Thai a€“ food to be found here, we will have other tastes as well, including Colombian and possibly Argentinian, and some specialty Mexican juices and smoothies.
This Bronx tour incorporates architectural and cultural highlights as well as great food, as we head towards and beyond the historic Hub a€“ a convergence of streets that could be called the Borough's own Times Square (minus the theaters). This Noshwalk begins near Yankee Stadium and includes a stretch of the beautiful Grand Concourse and a detour through a lovely park.
Meeting Place: Meet in front of the Lorelei Fountain in the south end of Joyce Kilmer Park, located on the north side of East 161st Street opposite Bronx Borough Hall. Directions: Take the D or #4 train to 161st Street, walk east uphill to Joyce Kilmer Park at Walton Avenue. Bay Ridge manages to embody the old and new in Brooklyn, with its old-fashioned ice cream parlors and many new markets and eateries catering to people from around the world who now call it home. Directions: Take the R train to Bay Ridge Avenue, turn east one block to Third Avenue, then turn left to the market.
Check what's happening in this dynamic corner of the Bronx, which includes samplings of Jamaican roti, Trinidadian doubles, and Guyanese specialties (and possibly a bakery stop for red velvet biscotti) in Williamsbridge and Wakefield, and plus Irish sausage rolls, Shepherd's Pie and trifle, with which we'll reward ourselves after we cross a bridge a€“ and another ocean a€“ to reach Irish Woodlawn.
Meeting Place: Meet in front of Mommy's Jamaican Market, 3508 White Plains Road at Gun Hill Road.
Directions: Take the 7 train to Main Street, turn south (as address numbers ascend) until you reach Patel, which is on the east side of Main Street). This is the only Noshwalk where we recommend that you bring binoculars — and you'll understand why when you're there! Fee: $57- includes tastes but not personal beverages (and not tax or tip if we have a sit-down taste). Make sure to wear a good pair of walking shoes, bring a freezer bag for the great food stuffs you will want to bring home, and be prepared for hot-hot-hot peppers during this eclectic and rhythmic tour of the amazing markets and exotic, inexpensive eateries of New York's Little Guyana, where Guyanese, Trinidadian, Latin American, Indian and Chinese influences blend and collide. Directions: Take the G train to Greenpoint Avenue, exit at Greenpoint Avenue a€“ you will see the steeple and clock near the exit.
People who think Bensonhurst means Italian will be surprised at the variety of tastes you'll experience in this historic area. Explore the amazing diversity of the Bronx with this four-hour, three-neighborhood odyssey. Meeting Place: Meet on the northwest corner of Jerome Avenue and Kingsbridge Road (at the Kingsbridge Armory). An annual Noshwalk special, this tour coincides with the traditional "Giglio Dance," with roots in an Italian-American ritual dating to the early 1900s - and dating back centuries more in Italy. Fee: $57 includes tastes but not personal beverages (and not tax or tip if we have a sit-down taste). In this revised version of the Sunset Park Noshwalk, we will visit three Asian destinations (Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian) along 8th Avenue and two or three Latin American destinations (Mexican, Salvadoran and maybe Peruvian) on Fifth Avenue and create a mini feast that we will savor in Sunset Park, weather permitting!
Memorialized by Neil Simon in his autobiographical play, Brighton Beach offers the best of New York by combining delicious food and a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. Fee: $60 - includes tastes but not personal beverages (and not tax or tip if we have a sit-down taste). Sri Lankan, Albanian, Guatemalan, West African, Trinidadian and Mexican flavors mark this fascinating walk through one of Staten Island's older neighborhoods a€“ within walking distance from the ferry. Fee: $57 - includes tastes but not personal beverages (and not tax or tip if we have a sit-down taste).

This is NOT your hipster "Billyburg," but the long-established Chasidic enclave that offers interesting food and a glimpse of traditions fee people see. Directions: Take the M train to Marcy Avenue, walk two blocks west on Broadway (you will see the Williamsburg Bridge and Manhattan skyline in the distance), then turn left on Roebling for about two blocks. Meeting Place: Meet in front of the Ironbound Station Plaza, 2 Ferry Street, Newark, where Ferry Street and Market Street meet. Get ready for a tasteful tour of the Bronx's own Little Italy (sometimes also known "Little Albania"!) as we explore a neighborhood perfect for short winter days. Meeting Place: In front of the Loew's Paradise Theater box office, Grand Concourse near 188th Street map it.
This tour highlights a tradition of extraordinary holiday decorations as well as great food to keep you full and warm both before and after we see the lights.
A Noshwalk of global tastes a€“ France, Colombia, Korea, Ireland, Philippines, Tibvet and Nepal! Meeting Place: Meet at the triangle (Vincent Daniels Square) at 52nd Street and Roosevelt Avenue, adjacent to the 52nd Street exit of the 7 train.
The fees for most Noshwalks are $45 for Noshnews subscribers and $60 for non-Noshnews subscribers. If you are having difficulty with the Shopping Cart or PayPal, ploease visit our Registration Page for alternate payment methods. Custom noshwalks can be booked on weekdays or weekends by alumni groups, trade associations, overseas visitors, conventioneers, employee outings and student organizationsa€”and any other group looking for a unique and fun New York experience.
It presents the novel condition of a single-phase suburban railroad of the most massive construction, built through what is practically virgin territory and with right-of-way facilities to satisfy the heaviest traffic demands that are likely to arise from more than a generation of rapid growth. Y., and the portion of the Throg's Neck Branch from Clason Point to Throg's Neck, subject to the approval of the Public Service Commissions of the First and Second Districts. At 174th Street the tracks diverge from those of that company running north-westwardly across successively 180th Street, Pelham Parkway, Gun Hill Road, East 222d Street, Baychester Avenue, Boston Post Road and Dyre Avenue, reaching the New York City line and entering the limits of Mount Vernon just beyond the latter point. Much of this land is several hundred feet above sea level and from a hygienic point of view is exceptionally adapted to the requirements of home builders.
The town of Pelham increased 91 percent, and during the same period the population of New Rochelle increased 96 percent, that of Scarsdale 47 percent and that of White Plains 102 percent. Many others are projected, the lot values in which vary from prices for the modest home of the laborer to suburban villas of the highest type.
A comprehensive transfer station, however, is being erected at 180th Street, to which the Interborough Rapid Transit Company is to extend the elevated section of its present subway line and the express service of its Third and Second Avenue elevated roads when third-tracked for that purpose. The other stations between New Rochelle and Port Chester on the main line have not yet been definitely located. Local trains leave East Third Street every twenty minutes, making all stops to 180th Street. This will give a headway of seven and one-half minutes for both the express and local trains on the four-track section between New York and Mount Vernon. All straight passenger rolling stock consists of center and end-door motor cars as described in the Electric Railway Journal for March 30, 1912, which seat seventy-eight passengers each. For example, a person who enters the East Third Street station at Mount Vernon receives for 10 cents a ticket which is marked as good to any station within the New York zone. It is especially desirable that the trainmen should have accurate information concerning locations and distances of the thoroughfares in each community owing to the large number of new or similar names introduced by the many realty development companies.
We'll also visit some local landmarks as well as a Russian non-food market to highlight the international aspect of this special area of New York City. So join us as we savor Egyptian, South Asian and Filipino tastes within a relatively small and very walkable area. In addition to tasting food of Honduras, Mexico, and Peru, plus a stop at a soul food eatery, we'll see the Bronx Walk of Fame, a series of WPA murals painted by Ben Shahn, the Bronx Documentary Center, and a community garden. Take the park steps to the fountain or walk one block further (a gentle uphill) to the Grand Concourse.
Last year we introduced a new Noshwalk to take some of these changes into account and this year we'll offer a hybrid of the two! You can also take the LIRR to Flushing, which brings you a little closer to our meeting place. After having lunch of doubles and roti, pone cake and maybe black cake (and other tastes), we'll then walk (10 minutes) to south west Jamaica to see NYC's small Portuguese enclave for "salgadinhos" (finger foods) and dessert.
Focusing on the Polish heritage of an increasingly diverse area, it's always held on a Friday (and meets late mornings) in order to include a visit to the famed Acme Smoked Fish Company, which is open to retail customers on Friday only.
Taste the foods of Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Argentina, Ecuador (and more?) as we ramble south of the border - via the #7 train.
But we will begin with visits to some of the more traditional Italian places, including a cannoli bakery another that makes amazing broccoli bread, and, yes, we'll also stop by a place with home made mozzarella.
We'll begin at the Kingsbridge Armory in one of the most diverse areas of the Bronx (Where else will you find Jamaican, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Ghanaian and Mexican food all on one block?) Our visit also take us to a landmarked bank building that houses five murals depicting the early Bronx, painted during the Works Progress Administration.
We will begin with tastes of West Africa, move on to Caribbean and Mexican tasting, check out the new food stands at La Marqueta, stop at Patsy's for pizza slices, watch the "dance" (which consists of over 120 people carrying a multi-ton platform with a brassband and a 5-story-high structure a€“ the giglio itself ) and wind up our visit with French pastries. Just one week before Rosh Hashanah, we'll taste specialties of the Sephardic community and make ourselves a delicious lunch buffet to eat outdoors (sun permitting!) along Ocean Parkway. Walk east on Myrtle (the elevated M train will be on your left-hand side!) to our meeting place about 2 blocks away.
This tour will include market visits (and a "secret" restaurant) and perhaps some spontaneous unplanned tastes, but the new format aims to showcase the best of the two avenues that make Sunset Park one of NYC's most intriguing food destinations!
Our tour includes delicious appetizers, baked goods, chocolates, blintzes and kugela€¦ not necessarily in that order! On this tour we explore the Portuguese and Brazilian markets in Newark's Ironbound District, a short jaunt from Newark's Penn Station.
Settled by Italian immigrants more than a century ago, this neighborhood is quite compact and there's lots to see and eat! We'll start with cannoli at an old time bakery, have some Guatemalan specialties, then pass by a block of old Italian markets until we reach the famed blocks of Dyker Heights where there seems to be a competition to find out which neighbor has the most lights and decorations!
Such sit-down stops have been added to a number of tours (even when the stops are short) and these will be indicated at the outset of each tour and in the text.
The construction of the road along such broad, far-sighted lines could hardly have been undertaken by any organization other than one which could afford to dispense with an immediate profit on its investment.
However, the routes of the New York, Westchester & Boston Railway were so laid out that in communities which already had railroad service the stations of the new line were placed at the opposite end of the town to foster the growth of entirely new business.
Y., with two branches, one from the main line near what is now 177th Street in the borough of the Bronx to Throg's Neck, the other from Mount Vernon to Elmsford, N. These bodies approved the consolidation of the two companies and the abandonment of the White Plains-Elmsford line, but denied the petition for the right to abandon the Throg's Neck branch. Under its terms the company is to pay during the first ten years $8,000 annually and during the succeeding fifteen years the sum of $16,000 annually, and beginning with the operation of any portion of the railway until the end of the first ten years an additional sum of 40 cents per linear foot for each line of single track within the lines of all legally open streets in use, and for the succeeding fifteen years 80 cents per annum in lieu of the 40 cents. From there the route lies through Mount Vernon, crossing East Sixth Street and East Third Street to Columbus Avenue, where it passes over the New Haven main line and at which point the White Plains branch diverges, the main line continuing on the northwesterly side of the New Haven road through North Pelham, crossing Fifth Avenue, into New Rochelle, crossing Clifford, Webster and North Avenues and reaching another point of connection with the New Haven main line at the eastern end of New Rochelle, from which point it is practically parallel to the main line of the New Haven Railroad through Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Harrison and Rye to Port Chester. The prospect for the growth and development of the territory through which the road passes probably can be best indicated by the statistics which show its progress in the past and foreshadow what may be looked for in the future under the very greatly improved conditions brought about by the building of the New York, Westchester & Boston Railway. The assessed valuations of the cities named all show increases in the valuation of real estate on the same large ratio. On the White Plains division after passing Columbus Avenue there will be a station in Mount Vernon at East Lincoln Avenue and one in Eastchester at Chester Heights, and there will he stations in the northern part of New Rochelle at Wykagyl and Quaker Ridge, in Scarsdale at Heathcote, and in White Plains at Ridgeway Road, Mamaroneck Avenue and Westchester Avenue, the last station being the terminal of the division and the connecting and transfer point with the Westchester Northern Railroad when the latter road is constructed. It is, therefore, possible to give on each branch a ten-minute express service to New York, with through expresses on a twenty-minute headway, combined with a local express service on a twenty-minute headway. It is planned to run on the same headway practically all day long both on weekdays and holidays. The local stops were assumed at fifteen seconds each and the express stops at twenty-five seconds each. The longest zone is that between the Harlem River terminal and Dyre Avenue within the limits of New York, a distance of 8.39 miles.

As he passes through the turnstile his ticket is mutilated with a punch peculiar to the Mount Vernon zone.
This neighborhood features a number of Vendy-award winning food trucks and we will patronize at least one of them. Tastes will be drawn from a selection of Guyanese, Guinean, Mexican, Dominican, Jamaican, Salvadoran, Bangladeshi, Ecuadorean and more places - it depends, in large part, on YOU!
This year's map will offer options of different routes to take as we wander through Elmhurst, known, among other things, as a community where more languages are spoken than in any other area of NYC! Food will include South Asian, Chinese, Korean and MAYBE Latin American; this tour will also incorporate some of Flushing great historic landmarks.
We will have a sit-down lunch in a Polish eatery, but also taste baked goods, home-made applesauce, East European chocolates and kielbasa.
Passing through the park near where Edgar Allan Poe spent his last years we'll come to a trio of markets featuring food from around the world. Dessert COULD be at a bakery on Avenue M (which means a bus trip up Coney Island Avenue) or at one of the bakeries along the far side of Kings Highway, which ends up being more traditional non-Sephardic kosher.
Bosnian kebabs, Polish pierogi or blintzes, or whatever we find that day, and other culinary pleasures, which can also include Balkan, Dominican and Mexican tastes!
We'll check out bakeries, markets and some restaurants and also non-food stores selling Portuguese and Brazilian goods.
After our roundabout, we'll stop at another great bakery to warm ourselves up and finish at a wonderful pizzeria for Italian specialties. We'll start with gentle French mousse cake and gradually make our way through a range of cuisines and countries. You can also e-mail me for estimates of how long it should take to get to our meeting place. Thus, despite many years of promotion, no important building was undertaken until interests identified with the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad had secured possession of the franchise rights as hereinafter described. The company is to construct for the accommodation of local passengers at least six stations between the Harlem and Bronx Rivers and at least four stations between the Bronx River and the city line and be obligated to run on the main line at least sixty trains in either direction daily.
The White Plains branch, diverging from the main line at Columbus Avenue, crosses East Lincoln Avenue in Mount Vernon and, passing through the extreme western bounds of New Rochelle over North Avenue, passes through Scarsdale, crossing Quaker Ridge Road, Palmer Avenue, Ridgeway Road and Mamaroneck Avenue to White Plains. Whi]e statistics are not available for other towns along the main line, it is known that the increases in their population and assessed valuation have been of the same generous proportions. Stillwell of all transit facilities within the suburban zone of New York showed that there was not a single line which did not require that most of its passengers should transfer at least once in order to reach New York, and furthermore that any given town on the Westchester line with the city connections previously mentioned would be nearer to the New York City Hall in point of time than any other equally distant town on any other railway. Owing to the fact that this common meeting point lies so near the Columbus Avenue junction, it has been necessary to make this junction operate with great speed as regards switches and signals. The ticket holder then boards the train, but does not give up his ticket until he deposits it in a ticket chopper's box at the station of departure. The ticket agents will sell baggage checks at a minimum rate of 10 cents for baggage up to 150 lb. We will meet in front of Fort Tryon Park and make our way through this beautiful and surprising neighborhood! This is always a tour highlight, as you watch the matzoh being made according to strict guidelines. An alternative to the A train is the E train to Union Turnpike, where you can pick up the Q10 bus heading towards JFK Airport. Come on an empty stomach as we savor Turkish, Georgian, Ukrainian, Russian, and Uzbek foods and flavors! To start, we'll take a quick bus ride up a hill to take in a scrumptious view of the harbor skyline, so make sure you have the fare ($2.75 in change or enough rides on your Metrocard). I can offer an "add-on" BEFORE we head to Belmont, which would include stops at a cluster of markets offering Cambodian, Caribbean and South Asian foods. I provide cups, paper goods, etc., for all tastes, but I encourage you to bring reusable cutlery in a plastic bag to reduce waste. The New York & Port Chester Railroad Company was incorporated in New York on April 3, 1901. 19, 1910, the properties of both companies were merged into a new company called the New York, Westchester & Boston Railway Company, the capital stock of which is $5,000,000 and the total new mortgage $60,000,000.
At no time either day or night must the headway be greater than thirty minutes, except that during the first five years after the commencement of operation trains are not required to run between the hours of 1 a.m.
The increases in the population of the principal Communities in Westchester County are shown in the table in the next column. In addition, the city of Mount Vernon has stipulated that at least fifty trains per day each way must be operated between Mount Vernon and New York. The rush hours were assumed to be equivalent to those of the New York subway, allowing for the difference in running time from downtown districts.
In like manner the commuter has his commutation ticket punched at the entering station and vised by the ticket chopper at the leaving station. One of our most fun stops is a place that makes about a dozen (or more) different types of barbecue skewers!
The tour includes a walk through the neighborhood, with its beautiful homes and a visit to one or two synagogues.
Y., and the proposed Westchester Northern Railroad will form a through line from White Plains to Brewster, N.
A very considerable proportion of this last increase was due no doubt to the increased value brought about by the fact that the railway was under construction. It will also be used by the proposed White Plains Road branch of the Interborough Company and is so designed that it may be used by the triborough subway now under construction by the city of New York.
The initial schedule is based on meeting these franchise requirements in regard to the local service besides providing an express service to alternate with the local service on the same headway. Although this method of ticket fare collection is novel in American electric railway practice, it is in common use on the underground railways of London and Berlin. Walking to yet another neighborhood, we'll come to a burgeoning Arabic area, where we'll taste Yemeni specialties, and we'll finish at an Italian bakery in Morris Park closing in on its first century of existence! The ownership of the road lies wholly with the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad.
It is believed by experienced judges that within another decade the population of the borough of the Bronx will be about 1,000,000. The successful completion of these various lines will give quick and effective distribution of Westchester passengers to the particular points in Manhattan which they may desire to reach and will add greatly to city and suburban transit facilities. As shown in the accompanying reproductions, only two styles of tickets are necessary for each zone. At the end of the tour you'll be closest to the E and J trains and to the LIRR Jamaica station, where you can get a "Citi-Ticket" back to Manhattan that takes half the time of the subway.
In general, the rapid transit routes in Westchester County run north and south and are owned or controlled by the New Haven and New York Central Railroads, while cross-country connections are afforded by electric railways which operate cars of city type. During the first twenty-five years the fare within the city limits must not exceed 5 cents for one continuous ride to any point on the railway to any other point thereon or branch or connection thereof. Thus only red tickets are good for a ride either between stations in the New York zone itself or from any other zone to stations in the New York zone. This means that every ticket surrendered for a ride at a station in the New York zone must be red. Consequently, the ticket chopper can detect over-riding of zones much more easily than if he had to read the lettering as is done by the ticket receivers on the Berlin and London lines.
Each ticket agent is therefore provided with only one ticket for each of the eight zones, except for the two-color ticket hereinafter noted. A two-color ticket is also issued to cover a 5-cent ride two stations in length when the stations are in different zones.

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