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I've been putting this costume together for a while, but it's finally finished enough to wear. Otherwise the costume has a light, jagged tan underskirt, green tanktop, fox tail, and brown belt. I'll call this costume mostly finished because at some point I may swap the undershirt with something else and I'm sure I'll be picking up more odds and ends for it as I go along- and someday I'll make a bow and quiver. A place to put national factbooks, embassy exchanges, and other information regarding the nations of the world.
Live with AnavielA Elven broadcast company productionHello all my friends it Anaviel bringing all ya gossip and celebrity news in the Empire. Live with AnavielA Elven broadcast company productionHello again my friends and welcome back to Live with Anaviel.
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I've always loved wood elves (my favorite fantasy race!) so when I made a D&D character of that race, I also wanted to turn it into a costume. I made the crocheted green overskirt and the leather cuff (wearing it around my left ankle, but can't see in the pictures), and painted the tattoos (henna and body paint).
The next time I wear this, I'll probably switch the ears with latex ones rather than those headband ones. All Rights Reserved.All comments and posts in our forums are the opinion of the respective poster. Well I am back to give you good news boys we got some new ladies on the elibable list For starter let take a look at dangerous side.
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For every Wynwood Brewing beer you buy, you’ll receive a raffle ticket and have the change to win a bottle before its released at the brewery on December 22nd! Come check out some amazing artist in action and try some of the best Pizza in South Florida. Today we spot the royal families of our empire to find the most eligible bachelors and maidens.Well our first stop is the imperial family itself.
Well today in our third in stalment of Empire of Tel'Quessir most eligible singles we will finish off with the single royals of the Empire. This was my original concept for a more human looking Wood Elf and I have been sitting on this file for about a month undecided on if I wanted to release her.
Well today we update our list and give you our viewers a look of some more lords and Ladies still on the Single's radar.First up.

Well i am back and ready to drop some gossip bombs on ya OK First this one going to break your heart fellas. Ok lets started the march of the most eligible ladies.First Up is the niece of the Wood Elf Coronel. I used a skin tone that closely matched Vanilla's as well as her eye color (This character is actually the forerunner to my Braithwen mod until I took a different direction).
Maybe he's got an arrow for your heart girls.Prince Kanus Ap Tauren'ohtarNext one up is Prince Gillon Ap Avariel. She is fairly short and light weight at a height scale of .96 and a weight of 15 (The Mercenary armor she is wearing in some of the pictures features automatic breast scaling, she is about half that size up top). A strong and handsome example of elf kind, certain to fulfill a elf maiden dream of Elf prince carrying them in the sunset. That right the Moon elf darling has accepted a marriage proposal from the young and handsome King of Mcnernia. Yes the darling of the Wood Elves is engaged to the handsome Prince Tiberius of Constaniana.
Note: Using the console command "equipitem (item number) 1" will permanently add armor or other items unless you use "removeitem+ID Number+quantity" to reverse it.
So unless your Elf of impeccable lineage don't try courting this prince.Celanor Ap Vyshaan Next up is the Celanor brother, Prince Anorpaur Ap Vyshaan.
She doesn't get out of Avariel lands much, but she makes a stunning appearance when she does.
She rumor to have a loving heart one you peal that cold exterior away.Princess Zaihar'lanna Ap VyshaanOur second candidate comes from the wild lands of Elf-Kind. It is rumored that the princess was overjoyed at the proposal and has extended her stay in Mcneria. His sister Princess Eiltria is current on a mission to the The United Island States of AHSCA. So if you guys like living life at a razors edge, court this young Drow.Princess Danifae Ap DeVirNext up, she young but this one got the heart of a lion.
Sorry fellas this girl is now taken.(Princess Silvarianna Ap Avariel)Well after the break we will look as some more gossip in the Imperium.
Hopeful some island lad does grab that princess.Tyalilon Ap RuaelPrincess Eiltria Ap RuaelWell that all the time we got.
Like all Chrysanthemum Elves she is prim a proper on the outside, but a passionate Elf inside.Princess Youseishu SakuraAnd last one, sorry guys but us girls need one too.
This one is not only the niece of the Sha-Coronel himself, but is a rising star in the Empires military. This one looks cold, but rumor hes quite passionate if you can get under his cold logical exterior. So all you would be suitors, I hope your can fly or strap wings on your back.Princess Icaria Ap ElandinaiNext up, we look a different winged girl.
Better hope your fighting are up to par if you want to court this Sun Elf beauty.Princess Iaianna Ap VyshaanAnd lastly we have Princess Coranna Ap Ariavel. Here is Prince Caelath Ap Ap NauharPrince Caelath Ap Ap NauharAnd lets end today with a Dark Elf hunk.

But warning to all you wanna be brides, hes a Vyshaan so except to be rigorously grilled on your Elf purity.Anorpaur Ap VyshaanThird up is the lovely Princess Selessca Ap Vyshaan.
This niece of the Coronel of Celebrature is a quite beauty who enjoys poetry and playing her harp.
Yes she got demon blood flowing in her veins,but rumors say she not like most other Fey-ri. Anyone who time with this Sun Rose better be prepared to put through the ringer to prove their worthiness for this Princess. Yes he all that and more.Crown Prince Evian Ap AriavelWell that all the time we have for today's show. Perhaps one of you ladies would like to peel away the mystery of this man.Victyrr Ap DeVirWell that all for today. These ladys are known for their fighting prowest, so any suitor better be ready to fight for their hearts.Princess Caluathria Ap Hulian (siting) and her sister Princess Korela Ap HulianThis next one is a sibling to one of our pervious single.
But her folks have no such reservationsAmarauko Ap Dlardrageth Our third single royal is Princess Asami Youseishu.
She got a wit sharper than any sword.Princess Naiharonna Ap NauharFifth on our list is a one for the girls.
No ones the reason for this, but rumor say it because she won't stick knife in your back while your turn around. Now before you males elves get your hopes up, she is currently in the company of the Emperor of Tletl, David II. Like all Drow males, he the eternal bad boy ladies, but perhaps one of you is up to the challege to make him a good husband.Crown Prince Alton'zaer Ap DevirOur last single royal comes from the land of the Jade Elves.
Rumors say she quite taken with Tletlan Emperor, but we will keep you updated on the status of that romance.Princess Vassntistreea DeVirNumber Six is Princess Janaia Ap Nauhar. You might lose your head or other body parts if you upset her.Princess Youseishu AsamiDon't think Anaviel has forgotten my girlfriends. The Princess has stay out of limelight but rumor got her hanging with many foreign royals in Haktiva.Princess Janaia Ap NauharNumber Seven is Prince N'tyeneanoron Ap Ariavel. Do you have the courage to explore the mysteries of her heart.Princess Bi'yueren Shui'lianWell that all the time we have today my friends.
Rumors have told that he is traveling across the globe seducing famous women of other countries.
Just make your get him before some boring Grey Elf noblewoman takes him from you.Prince Sollan Ap NauharWell that all the time we have today my friends. Some of woman rumored is non other than the infamous Princess Lilith of Ganos Lao and Crown Princess Divine of Athenian France. So if you like the challenge of tying down this wild bronco, court this prince.Prince N'tyeneanoron Ap AriavelNumber Eight is the sister of N'tyeneanoron.

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