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This wooden toy train set for kids is a perfect toy that gives children endless hours of immersive play.  The wood as the chosen material for the toy train provides years of durability. However, since the railway has more than 100 track pieces with 4 different configurations, children may ask for our help to build the railway. This amazing wooden railway set includes everything needed for budding train enthusiasts: a spacious roundhouse engine shed, dozens of track pieces in curves and straights, trees, workers, traffic signs, multi-piece trains, magnetic-tipped cranes, switches and a T-junction for changing course, suspension bridge, trestle bridge, and roundtable, too! From day one, Melissa and Doug signed their names, Melissa & Doug, to every product they make. If you'd like to be notified when this item becomes available, enter your information below and click "Notify Me".
We will notify you when the item is back in stock and you will recieve a discount card for an extra 10% off your next purchase! The Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway Mountain Tunnel Train Set is perfect for your young one! The views and opinions expressed on this website are not necessarily those of the Webmaster, but might actually be those of his Mum - although they could well be his, as he's pretty gobby at times, to be fair - and he's more than happy to drone on and on and on about anything that pops into his tiny atrophying brain.

The railway set comes complete with freight train3 flatbed trucks with cargo, a suspension bridge, trestle bridge, a magnetized crane ( the tower and the A frame) with levers to raise and lower the cargo. Moreover, the wooden train and the track are designed so they are compatible with the most famous railway set, so we can combine any of our kids’ train set we already have. They take that signature seriously - it's their commitment to you that you can trust the products you bring into your home. Features a wooden engine and coal car, plus 20 pieces of wooden track and a bridge to make a simple figure 8 track!
Mix and match with other train sets-it's compatible with all popular wooden railway systems.
As parents, every time they make a product for you, it also has to pass the test of going home with them, where they enjoy playing with these same toys with all six of their children.No matter how carefully they design their products, they believe there?s no substitute for TESTING, TESTING, and MORE TESTING.
With realistic mountain features such as the painted trees and a mining tunnel with sound effects, this Mountain Train Set is sure to add a wonderful amount of play time to your Wooden Railway Set!
The key to assuring the safety of their products is not simply insisting their factories follow their instructions, but to go one step further and AUDIT, INSPECT, AND TEST, not only once, but at various phases of the production process.

Can be combined with other sets and track pieces to create more layouts!Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway items are compatible with Thomas Wooden Railway, Chuggington Wooden Railway, and Brio Railway. Includes 64 pieces overall.Set includes 7 high rise track supports, 2 magic mining cars that can enter the mining tunnel empty and emerge loaded with gold and gems, a lead red train engine, 1 straight track with Bridge Rails, 2 wooden trees, 46 pieces of miscellaneous track, and finally a 4 piece multi-functional mountain tunnel! This is something they?ve always done.Additionally, they specifically test their paints and coatings very frequently, to be sure their toys meet or exceed government recommendations limiting heavy metals, lead and phthalates in children?s items. Melissa & Doug Wooden Railway is compatible with Thomas Wooden Railway, Brio Wooden Railway, Bigjigs® Wooden Railway, and Chuggington Wooden Railway! Moreover, the trains and the track are designed so they are compatible with the most famous railway set, so we can combine any of our kids’ train set we already have. They have cabinets full of thousands of passing test reports, and these passing results have been verified by 3rd party independently accredited testing laboratories, considered by many to be the best scientific laboratories in the world.Please continue to enjoy their toys with confidence, knowing that each and every time they design and craft a toy, they?re not only making them for you, but for their own kids too.

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