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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. When you’re stuck for an idea for a gift and you want one that really is going to be one for your children to cherish for years, you can’t go too far wrong by choosing one of the more traditional wooden toys that have stood the test of time and have been enjoyed by children for generations. Another great feature of the more modern wooden train sets is that fact that you can add to them if the one you already own needs a few more bits and pieces. If your child has got to the point where they’re expanding their set, it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s up there in the favourite toy list so another great addition would be a wooden train table to lay the set out on. Generations of kids have been entertained by classic toy trains like this Wooden Train Set from Snookums. The brightly colored train engine pulls an open-topped passenger carriage with six round windows.
More Information: Please note that Snookums Wooden Toys are made to order, so allow an extra 5-7 working days when ordering. Nowadays, although you can buy basic sets such as the My First Railway or the Little Starter Forest Set (both made by legendary train maker Brio), a lot of train sets come with a fantastic array of additions such as cranes, stations, suspension bridges and intricate track layouts that really will delight any child.

When we first unpacked this so we could see how it worked, we were truly amazed at the amount of different pieces included within the set. Most of the major manufacturers (BigJigs, Brio, John Crane) use the same ‘Vario’ system of wooden train track, so if you buy some extra track (eg an expansion set or a diamond crossover) from a different brand to the one you own, it will still fit.
As well as making the set easier to use as it’s at a perfect height for them, it also allows your kids to have the set up and running all the time, so there’s no need to pack it away at the end of each day’s play. Then there’s a petrol tanker (complete with a fuel line for filling up toy cars), a log carriage with three round ‘logs’, which cleverly held on with an easily-unhooked chain and a freight carriage which is perfect for blocks. The widest carriage is approximately 14cm wide, and the top of the train engines smokestack is approximately 14cm high.
It still lingers in the memory as being one of my favourite toys even though it was pretty basic. There’s a tunnels, suspension bridges, a triple engine shed, a train turntable, a couple of trains with a variety of different wagons and even people, landmarks and trees, just to make it that bit more realistic. The same goes for the wooden trains; they pretty much all run on the same track so you can mix and match.

The chain-and-hook coupling system means the carriages can be unhooked and rearranged easily, and won’t uncouple accidentally.
I spent hours laying the track, weaving it in and out of pieces of furniture and then imagining lots of different stories, often incorporating my other toys such as farm animals and toy cars. In fact, there are 130 pieces in the set and we guarantee it will keep your little one spellbound for years to come. So, if you own a Brio train set and fancy one of BigJigs Rail’s trains (like the Mallard for example), then you can buy it in the knowledge that it’ll run smoothly on the Brio set you’ve already got.
This Wooden Train Set is sturdy enough to survive the rough-and-tumble play which kids love.
This has been stored for many decades, displays well and is guaranteed to be 100% original.

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