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View DetailsYou are bidding on a brand new factory sealed Thomas Friends Knapford Station Set LC98754 (Talking Railway Series). A?60.000 bids15 watchingBattery trains are 1 red brio train, 1 James with carriage and 1 Percy. A?55.00Buy it nowor Best OfferT hree Brio train sets a zoo set, Alien mail and construction.
One of the ideas behind Brio?s wooden toys and train sets is to encourage learning and education for children, including the fostering of imagination. View details1 suspension bridge turn table train shed lots of brio and elc trains, some are scratched. Includes Knapford Station, V-Track, 4 crossing arms with 4 LEDs that are activated when the crossing arm is moved up moved down. This train set from Brio comes complete with battery operated train, track and accessories as pictured above.

Fully compatible with Brio Wooden Railway, Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway, Bigjigs Railway, and many other makes of wooden train sets and accessories. This fantastic 100 piece set, with wooden tracks, bridges, trains, people and buildings makes a fun scene that will keep little ones entertained for hours! The train sets are particularly good for this as they allow children to create whole scenarios using toys with moving parts.
This means that they conduct load tests using larger pressures, and drop tests from bigger heights than of what are required by test institutes across the world. The company prides itself on products that are high quality and that they comply with laws, any rules and other product standards applicable to the market.
The code of conduct is a set of rules that relate to the ethical treatment of workers and their working conditions, amongst other things. Children (or parents) can also add individual elements to the sets bringing variety to each one.

The unique controller has easy to use reverse and stop functions as well as two different forward speeds. Brio toys are often good to hand down to new generations, so they are a good investment when buying toys for small children. It also ensures that the factories where the toys are made employ socially-responsible conditions.
The company ensures that its suppliers comply with all agreements to which Brio itself is committed.

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