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For residents living in Woodlands Neighbourhood 8, this is one shopping centre that can satisfy your needs for a wide variety of goods and services at your doorstep. Stomper Savage was eating dumpling noodles that he had bought from 888 Plaza in Woodlands, when he discovered a 'black form' floating in the gravy. Photos 1 to 3 are related to the article, while the remaining in the gallery shows other strange items found in food. As Chairman of Woodlands CCC, Mr Sim initiated and led a host of environmental initiatives for his constituency.
The lawyers at West Coast Trial Lawyers are amazing, and they helped us through a very difficult time.

You can shop for anything from clothes, groceries, stationery, baby goods, toys and even wedding gowns! Through his hard work and personal commitment, he was able to win strong support from Woodlands residents for his initiatives. We are also available to meet with you and your family at either your home, work, or a location that is convenient for you. After we were involved in an accident and our son suffered brain injury, we didn’t know what to do. Under Mr Sim’s leadership, 9 premises in Woodlands Constituency have attained Happy Toilet grading.

We had to deal with doctors, medical bills, and knowing that our son would never be the same.
Mr David Sim received the NEA EcoFriend Award in 2011 (Non Governmental Organisation & Grassroots Volunteers Category).

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