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Lying southwest to San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles district, the city of Woodland Hills is a charming, compact community.
It was not until the 1860s that Americans began populating the southern half of the valley.
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A century ago (and even before that), California has played an instrumental role in getting the National Parks formed. NFL Super Bowl kicks off on Sunday, 7 February at 23:30 at Levi's Stadium, which is located in Santa Clara, California.
For over 8,000 years it was inhabited by the Chumasn-Venturano and Fernandeno-Tataviam tribes belonging to the Arroyo Calabasas and Simi Hills. Isaac Lankershim, his son James Boon Lankershim and Isaac Newton Van Nuys acquired land here followed by the biggest acquisition by a syndicate led by Harry Chandler and Hobart Johnstone Whitley and others in 1910.  An area measuring 2886 acres was acquired by Victor Girard Kleinberger in 1922 where he founded the town of Girard.
Tarzana takes its name from Tarzan, the famous character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs who made this area his home.

Europeans made their entry in the San Fernando Valley in 1769 in their quest for suitable locations for Spanish settlements. Another lasting legacy residents will never forget is the trees planted by Girard that formed the famous promenade Woodland Hills is so proud of today. It lies west of Tarzana and east of Calabasas with West Hills and Canoga Park to the North, while to the south lie the famous Malibu and Topanga areas of California. Their first view from Sepulveda Pass of the valley studded with oak trees led them to call the area Santa Catalina de Bononia de Los Encinos. The trees form a beautiful arch running through Canoga Avenue, making it one of the best promenade Woodland Hills. He imported and planted over 120,000 sycamore, fir, pepper, pine and eucalyptus trees that led to the town being aptly renamed Woodland Hills. The Ventura Boulevard and US Route 101 run in an east-west line across the area, while Topanga Canyon, Route 27 runs north-south through it. A map of Woodland Hills shows its lovely location in a fertile valley.  The Spaniards established the Mission San Fernando Rey de Estana here in 1797.
300 trees lining the promenade Woodland Hills between Ventura Boulevard and Saltillo St received the status of Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument in 1972.

Post the Mexican War of Independence, this mission was known as the Rancho Ex Mission San Fernando and California merged into the Union. Girard was far ahead of his time and even built a golf course in 1925 that operates to this day and figures prominently on the map of Woodland Hills.  Harry Warner of the Warner Brothers Studio bought 1,100 acres here in 1940 for his Warner Ranch.
Some attribute the beginning of Woodland Hills to the establishment of the Rancho El Escorpion, owned by three Indians and a Spaniard. Miguel Leonis, a Basque, came to the valley in 1858 and ownership of the Ranch passed to him after his marriage to a widow, whose father was one of the ranch owners. He went on an acquisition spree and by 1871 became sole owner of most of the lands surrounding his property.

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