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Transitioning to the middle of the wall there are two central figures kneeling that are bound by thorns. Moving to the right side are student figures walking along the bridge and heading towards the Woodland Community College campus. Accredited as the second college in the Yuba Community College District in 2008, Woodland Community College (WCC) has provided classes to the residents of Woodland, Esparto, Knights Landing and Colusa County since 1975. With growth all around the college, in both Yolo and Colusa coun­ties, WCC opened its new learning resource cnter in 2007. The development of the facilities at WCC stands as a symbol of the commitment of the Yuba Community College District Board of Trustees to the educational needs of the communities it serves. An eagle, WCC’s mascot, is shown at the beginning of the mural as overseeing the journey of the students at the college. In place of the cardinal points there are icons representative of the larger community of Woodland and at WCC. The figures are entwined to form a bridge that connects the students at WCC to their hopes and dreams on their journey. The right side represents the WCC atmosphere and depicts what the students hope to gain while at the college.

The 72,000-square-foot building doubled the blueprint of WCC, adding 25 new lecture and classrooms, an expanded library, math and writing labs and a large community event room. In the end the hopes and dreams of the faculty, students, and community are for each individual to find their path and like the eagle emerge in full flight, wings spanned. In the place of the North symbol, there is a graduation cap; symbolizing the most immediate goal of students.
The union of the figures forming this bridge represents strength and foundation for future students, as well as support and guidance provided for current students at WCC. The focal point is the platform of expression which is for students to come together for  poetry readings, music, art, sports, and varying forms of community building. In addition to the renovations, the facilities master plan calls for the construction of a performing arts center and a multipurpose physical education facility.
To the East are pictured three silhouettes illustrating the family bond and community, which are essential to the wellbeing of the students at WCC.  Moving South, there is a globe depicting inclusivity, awareness and the endless opportunities outside and within WCC. Illustrated on the stage is a soccer player symbolic of a current motivation to organize an athletic club on campus. The three shadowed hands are pulling students back into the darkness and inhibiting them from pursuing their goals.  The shadow hands also represent students freeing themselves of the pressures they experience as students on their journey towards achieving their goals.

Beneath the eagle’s wing a mother and child prepare for a school day with backpack and books in hand.
The figures that are breaking through the wall are students emerging from the bleak landscape that holds them back from obtaining their education. The mother is a role model and represents parents that are juggling school while raising a family. Next to them a group of gathering figures show the different occupations that students pursue both during their time at WCC and after.
On their journey the students and faculty hope to develop an abundant library that will continue to expand in the years to come. The first male figure represents a farm worker who labors hard in the fields by day and attends school by night.
The students and their occupations illustrate the multiple dimensions of identity formation that occurs with both work and school.

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