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Our understanding is that sometime within the next three months, they will be gone and virtually everyone we have spoken to says that there is not a thing that we can do about it.  There are a different set of rules for Hydro than there are for myself and other residents of King Township and while most feel there is little hope, I can’t sit back and accept that fact. We respect the individual needs and preferences of each of our clients to make your “cleaning” appointment more relaxed and enjoyable. As a dental professional who has been admonished to refer to Cochrane Reviews as the gold standard of evidence-based scientific research, I implore all of my friends, family and colleagues to read the full review here.
Essentially, the group reviewed every study done on fluoridation that they could find and then chose only those that were the most comprehensive, well-designed and reliable. One 2001 study covered in the Cochrane review of neighboring communities in British Columbia actually found that when fluoridation was stopped in one community, the number of cavities actually when down while the cavity rate in the fluoridated community remained the same! I challenge all of my colleagues at the ODHA and the CDHA to have the courage to read the above review and then tell me what you think!

Next month, I will tell you what well-known environmental activist, consumer advocate and legal consultant is getting involved in the fluoridation debatea€¦.stay tuned, as things are really heating up!
This entry was posted in dental, Dentistry, fluoride, health, Oral Health and tagged Cochrane Collaboration and fluoride, Cochrane Oral Health Group and Fluoride study, Dental Hygienist King City, effectiveness of fluoride, fluoride studies, health risks and fluoride, independent dental hygienist King City, independent registered dental hygienist King City, Kathleen Bernardi, registered dental hygienist King City, Woodland Dental Hygiene by Kathleen. First, let’s look at the street from one direction; “What happens in the mouth can affect our body”.
If anyone would like a copy of this book please send me an email and I will be happy to mail it to you.  For those of you who are not in the general area, you can find a link to purchase the book by clicking here. Next week we will take a look at this two-way street from the opposite direction; at how the body can in turn affect our oral health and what possible health issues might be presenting themselves first in your mouth. This entry was posted in dental, health, Oral Health and tagged dental hygiene, health, Kathleen Bernardi, Oral Health Cardio Vascular link, Oral health care, oral systemic connection, Whole Body Dentistry, Woodland Dental, Woodland Dental Hygiene by Kathleen.

Its cute and fun design will appeal to your little ones and they'll love using it everyday. Selective polishing, if needed or requested, is conducted using the familiar rubber cup and prophy paste or with an air polishing technique in which we blast the tooth surface with baking soda to remove stains and debris.
You can connect with me via email or telephone or leave a comment right here on the website. Mark Breiner can help you discover the missing piece to better health.  I keep multiple copies for sale and loan in my office and believe that providing this resource is an important part of helping to educate the public and improve not just their oral health but their overall health.

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