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First utilized by Scottish gamekeepers, Lovat Scouts of the British Army became the first military branch to use the suits during the Second Boer War, 1879 – 1915. Available color schemes cover pretty much the full range of camouflage including Dessert, MARPAT, ACU, Sunokamo, Woodland, and standard black, army green etc. While military grade Ghillie uniforms can cost a pretty packed to purchase in good condition – due to the cost of the high quality materials and the 80 + man hours it requires to stich the ghillie strands into the suit – you can find cheaper versions online if you’re simply looking for a little extra cover when you’re paintballing or hunting, or even shooting nature documentaries.
The Jackal Suit is a three piece jacket, hood, and pants combination that is built on super soft mesh clothing. The industry standard for ghillie suits, our Red Rock Outdoor Gear 5-Piece Ghillie Suit offers superior comfort and convenience. Survival Gear Keywords:Survival, prep, water, saw, knife, mirror, fishing, hunting, get home bag, bug out bag, hammock, kit.
The Condor woodland ghillie suit features a three piece with fire retardant PP fur and several shades of dye for paintballers, military, and hunters to blend into their surroundings.
With individual strands designed to replicate heavy foliage, the Ghillie suit is the most lightweight camouflage hunting blind available.

Attached to the mesh clothing is digital camouflage fabric cut in 3D patterns along with camouflage colored long polyester strips. Our suit is designed to go on quickly over clothing and allow easy access to clothing underneath, making it ideal for layering. Rudehorse Gunworks is the only place I’ve seen where my part was sold lower than the manufacturer sells for. Our dense ghillie material provides effective camouflage in a lightweight package suitable for hunting in numerous environments.
We monitor these comments daily, but it may be faster to email us directly or call us at 1-626-286-0360. The Suit is not supposed to be form fitting, It should fit loose, the over-size will help mask the human form and aid the camouflage affect. This suit is a separate jacket and pants combo and features a detachable hood and a button front with velcro straps at the wrists.
The pants have an elastic waist and a drawstring to offer a wide range of comfort and sizing.

The pants also include snap closures on the outer seam of the pants near the ankle to cover boots easily. All in all this is a great ghilie for the 56$ I paid for and if your a sniper-in-training or an expert I reccomend this by John P. The suit is easily modified to your tastes, and to fit your body size, or to aid in mobility. The hood covers the entire head and neck; it is also adjustable with a drawstring chin strap. The gun wrap has elastic and a drawstring which allows it to cover an average size shotgun or rifle.

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