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Don’t waste your time on their poison food when you can get a fresh homemade taco just north on N. The area within the Woodland Heights Historic District consists of a traditional grid of streets. These stunning townhomes offer bright and airy floorplans with grand windows welcoming an abundance of natural light. Two wonderful new homes set in the unique charm and character of the original 1910 heritage house.

There’s some fake zebrawood-looking formica on some walls, and a strange wallpaper-like tile in the bathroom.
Each block was sized so that the lots within it could be 100 feet deep and between 50–75 feet wide.
Right in the middle of the main eating area there’s a round structure that looks vaguely like a DJ booth.
The original deed restrictions required a consistent setback of 20 feet from the street to the front of each house.

A bar-height counter juts out from it, where people waiting for their orders can rub elbows.

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