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Kitchens by EileenTile is a natural stone in a grey green with small fossil details embedded in the 3 x 6 subway tile. Every single set of kitchen cabinets built by Woodland Cabinetry is built made to order for each individual consumer. The right cabinetry to fit your style will create a space for you that’s warmly inviting with personalized design, whether your tastes lean toward Modern, Classic, Eclectic or Rustic.
The flexibility of your cabinet design assures truly custom kitchen cabinet building, and no two sets are alike. This home features fully lined 30" over head cabinets for maximum storage possibilities! With thousands of colors, door styles and storage options offered, your dream kitchen design is a matter of telling these artisan cabinet makers what you want, and that’s exactly what you’ll receive.

Your unique kitchen design will display not only your wisdom in selecting the finest quality materials and securing the most expert craftsmanship from Woodland Cabinetry, but will also display your own good taste and express your personal style.
In this kitchen only a single beam was used to span the width of the room adding a visual cue denoting were the eating and preparation areas meet. The skylights you see in the picture is a sunroom addition with the whole ceiling being glass. For better results, please enable JavaScript by changing your browser options, then try again. When you watch a model center, you get notified when this location adds a new listing, changes prices, sells a home or adds a video or new home photos.
You can start with the basics and have exactly the upgrades and accessories that you want for your specific requirements.

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