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A free online library of cemetery records from thousands of cemeteries across the world, for historical and genealogy research.Clear Digital Media, Inc. This is an interesting and dramatic condition that affects various pines, especially Corsican Pine.   Thetford Forest in East Anglia has been severely affected by it. However, with such a large stock of affected trees they have developed ways of reducing the impact of Red Band Needle Blight through thinning earlier and where infection is high thinning more heavily. From the point of view of an owner of a small woodland the best approach is to manage for a diversity of tree species.  Where there is an area of Corsican Pine, the owner should look out for the characteristic dieback associated with the blight.

Please advise – whilst driving home from Bigbury beach, South Devon, to Ivybridge, also South Devon, we were struck by what looked like a red disease affecting only conifers of various types. This is how your name and profile photo will appear on Panoramio if you connect this Google+ account.
Of the 25,000 hectares of that forest,  about 13,000 ha are Corsican Pine.  They are all affected by this disease, which was first identified in the 1990s. The Corsican pines do much better when there is a good flow of air through them and seem to suffer when the air is more static.

If your trees are affected you should get specialist advice but it is likely that you will want to thin earlier to let the air get in. It leads to defoliation (the needles drop off), a loss of yield (the trees grow more slowly) and in some cases the trees die.

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