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We wanted the invitations to give our guests a sneak peek into our wedding, without revealing too much. Within the full invitation suite we included a perforated RSVP card and a field guide with sketches of local wildlife. We completed the invitation package with handmade buttons cut from branches found on our property. The final enclosure was an accordion style, fold-out booklet with illustrations of area wildlife. By using ECOBoards, the CO2 is stored into biobased materials over multiple decades and can later be reused as raw material for new ECOBoards without the need of energy.  By using regenerative materials instead of oil-based products, you are making a vital contribution to climate and environmental protection.
Currently more than 1 Billion m3 of board material is being processed every year in the world. The straw used to manufacture ECOBoards is a natural waste product from cereal (such as wheat) crop production.
Unlike wood, straw requires minimal drying prior to board production and the energy required for particle size reduction is very low.
The high performance MDI (urethane based) resin used to bind the straw particles is required at a level of only 3% – as compared with the 15% required for more conventional urea formaldehyde (UF) resin bonded particleboards. The above figures demonstrate that more carbon is locked-up in Strawboard than is released through manufacturing and transport. Environmentally safe recycling or processing for compost is almost impossible without the release of toxic gasses and other issues.

Unlike most MDF and particleboards currently on the market, the ECOBoard agrifibre panels use a special No Added Formaldehyde (NAF) resin. Standard ECOBoards offer much better protection against water and are twice as resistant against fire than current products on the market (without using additional chemicals). I’m spending a few days in New York for the New York International Gift Fair – I’ll have a couple of recaps from the show later this week!
From the first day of brainstorming, we both agreed that we wanted our wedding to take place amongst the trees. As a natural air filter, agriculture binds large volumes of CO2 while simultaneously producing oxygen.
A small home built of biomass can bind 9000 kg of CO2, and provide a volume of oxygen that can sustain its owner for about 15 years. Every m3 of trees harvested to fulfill this need for board material results in 2 tons of CO? absorption loss until the trees used, grow back to their original size and only for FSC wood. Straw is actually like a little tree that is already cut and that will grow back in a year or 6 months depending on the country. Since no trees are cut, 2 tons of CO2 absorption per m3 of wood is saved for the environment.
This resin is designed so that only 3% is needed for bonding, compared to up to 25% in particleboards. In addition they operate in a closed system and therefore have no CO2 emissions, because of this they are CARB level 1 and 2 certified,.

But first, Christine sent over her amazing DIY wedding invitations last week, and I just couldn’t wait to share them!
For the past few months we’ve spent nearly every weekend at the property, building and landscaping to make what we hope will be an incredibly beautiful wedding location.
I’m assuming that they didn’t stamp every single letter individually but put them into some sort of holder, or like a library stamp scrolling thing? By using this straw to produce bio based materials like ECOBoards 1.78 kg of of Carbon will be stored for every kg produced. As the straw is available as a consequence of food production it is free of any environmental ‘costs’ – other than baling and transport. Christine and Ian were inspired by the woodland setting of their wedding venue, creating an incredibly cool lasercut invitation with pop-up cut out details! At end of life the old ECOBoards are reused as raw material for new ECOBoards and thus the Carbon remains saved making it fully cradle2cradle . During growth, straw sequesters carbon, thereby helping to reduce greenhouse gas production.

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