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Proceeds from purchasing the Mignon Faget Palmetto jewelry benefits Woodlands Conservancy's efforts to preserve and restore forested wetlands. About Woodlands ConservancyWoodlands Conservancy is a 501-C-3, nonprofit organization created with the mission to preserve and develop an ecosystem dedicated to creating daily public opportunities for recreation, ecotourism and education in a natural and historic setting. DonateClick on the link below to donate to Woodlands Conservancy, and help us in continuing to create a legacy! Our woodlands range in age from long-standing forests through which our ancestors hunted to modern-day plantations which provide materials for building and paper.
Running through Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, the Chiltern Hills are famed for their beech woodlands, a classic example of which can be found at Warburg Nature Reserve. Our woodlands come alive at dawn – tawny owls hoot to each other, and wrens, blackcaps and warblers fill the air with song. During the day, small herds of roe and fallow deer roam between the tree trunks of our mixed woods, red squirrels bustle around the treetops in pine woods and butterflies alight on flowers at the forest floor. In woodlands, dead and rotting wood is important for fungi and insects like the impressively-horned stag beetle.
Tawny owl, sparrowhawk, great spotted woodpecker, tree creeper, nuthatch, jay, blackcap, garden warbler, nightingale, goldcrest, coal tit, crossbill, firecrest, roe deer, red deer, badger, fox, grey squirrel, red squirrel, woodmouse, dormouse, bluebell, wood sorrel, early-purple orchid, wood anemone, dog’s mercury, primrose, herb-Paris, red campion, oak, ash, beech, field maple, hornbeam, birch, Scots pine, lesser stag beetle. Learn about the work of foresters, woodland management & forest resources at the Slow Living Expo’s Woodlands Exhibit! The Slow Living Expo’s Woodlands Exhibit on the Brattleboro Common offers educational exhibits and demonstrations about forestry, logging, conservation, invasive species and more. Now it its fifth year, the exhibit was originally suggested and organized  by Willem van Loon, a consulting forester and logger based in Guilford. Are there cost-share programs available to assist landowners with forest and wildlife management activities?

Live animal demonstration by the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum are always a hit at the Woodlands Exhibit!
You will enjoy spending days working and socialising in your woodland, but if you go frequently, you will soon find that there are some basic tools and bits of equipment that you would prefer to leave there. In our recent survey of about 150 owners of small woodlands, we found that about half had installed some shelter or storage in their woodland. It is also possible to bring a mobile caravan into your woodland and use it for storage, and if you like for overnight stays. Social and Therapeutic Horticulture (STH) currently fits under the umbrella term ‘Green Care’. Loughborough University owns approximately 16 hectares of woodland located on the campus in Loughborough.
Broadleaved woods are composed of deciduous trees, mixed woods of both deciduous and coniferous trees, and pine woods often of non-native trees planted for timber. Great spotted woodpeckers, tree creepers and jays visit broadleaved and mixed woods, while goldcrests and rare crossbills flit between the trees of conifer forests. As night descends, mammals like foxes, bats, badgers and dormice come out to forage and hunt. But The Wildlife Trusts manage many woodland nature reserves sympathetically, and encourage others to do so, too. This is the third year we have had a major exhibit about forestry and woodlands management.
And with the British climate, there will inevitably be visits when you need to shelter from a rain storm, if only to eat your sandwiches. The regulations allow the construction of buildings that are necessary for forestry purposes as “permitted development”.

There is no need to apply for permission beforehand, but you may not be allowed by the local authority to leave it there permanently, and there is a regulation that you are not allowed to sleep there more than 28 nights in the year. There are 12 LURF plots distributed evenly within the four main compartments in Burleigh and Holywell Woods (three plots in each stand), each of which is 50 x 50 m. But the trees of our woodlands have a much deeper story to tell – one of fascinating creatures and ancient practices. Carpets of bluebells herald the spring, hoards of white ramsons fill the air with the exciting scent of garlic, and pretty wood anemones line the paths. A mix of coppicing, scrub-cutting, ride maintenance and non-intervention all help woodland wildlife to thrive. People can come to the forest management exhibit and learn about some of ways they can become more involved in sustainably managing their woodlands for the future. If you plan to do forestry work yourself in your woodland, you can reasonably claim to need some storage for equipment and shelter for yourself and those who are working with you.
If you are doing a lot of work, and need to stay more than that, you can get permission to do so as a “seasonal worker”. A number of environmental parameters, tree and woodland characteristics will be monitored in these plots. You will need to apply for this permitted development, which is not as large an issue as planning permission, nor as expensive. The dominance of Ash in the woodlands means that they are under particular threat from Chalara dieback of Ash.

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