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Finding the right car is often tough, but even if you can’t figure which car to get, you can always easily eliminate some options so you know what not to get. Even though these cars aren’t the best idea to purchase, you can easily find quality and affordable cars around the web to help you decide which car you should buy. Lizzie Lucas has been freelance writing since 2010 and has written countless articles on a variety of subjects, from health, tech, auto and finance to product descriptions and travel.
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We have been honored to be featured all across the net - features, interviews, honorable mentions, etc. From tiny microcars to giant super-duty trucks, eBay teaches us time and again that true suckiness comes in all shapes and sizes. But who cares if some motorists want to cruise around in a multi-coloured bubble – what harm? Had a yellow car once,every time I parked near water it turned black , this was all the flies attracted to it. Not the worst colours for cars, but manufacturers making drab colours and customers accepting it is the problem. The only good thing that they glorify about the car is the interior, listing the more important features at nothing more than mediocre. Not only is it ugly, as the article clearly points out, but drivers have complained about engine complications, electrical issues, transmission difficulty, and accessory problems.
The most common problems are in the electrical system, air bag, power train, engine cooling, and visibility, although there are countless other issues with the vehicle.

While the article does state that the second generation model comes with quite a bit of improvements, it maintains a long list of issues with the first generation, citing that the older model suffers from issues with the engine, transmission, fuel system, electrical system, drive system, power equipment, and audio system. This site is full of awesomesauce for all levels of techies, creatives, scientists and geeks of all kinds. Remember the more you share, the larger the geek community gets, thus improving our civilization and propels it into a new technological age! The problem is that the worst colours can reduce car values and make selling harder than a lump of diamond. On a misty morning it seems to disappear plus it seems a bit dated like those old gold hifi separates or an 80s James Bond film. The article says that the Corolla lacks pretty much everything but style, putting no thought into fuel economy and reliability. Of course some of these are just opinions and it depends on your preference, but if you agree with the complaints others have with these cars then you probably don’t want it either! InfiniGEEK is a place where we geeks come together and geek out on Science, Tech, Gaming, & Gadget News!
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Take a look at our latest roundup of eye-gouging calamities in this edition of The 25 Worst Cars on eBay Right Now.
Now, I have nothing against Katie and she can spend her money how she chooses – but her 4x4 is only a few yellow dots away from looking like Mr Blobby. Are motorists more likely to see a grey Toyota Land Cruiser or Katie Price's bright pink Range Rover? Britain's most famous model also has a bright pink horse box, which must thrill everyone who drives it.
According to British Car Auctions, in fact, colours such as silver, black, blue, and grey were their best sellers in January 2012. So, before painting your car glow in the dark yellow remember that one day you will want to sell it. She specified a revolting colour for her Fiesta, then glued large black dots and 'eye lashes' over its headlights. As a rule though - avoid anything excessively garish for easy resale, anything too dull if you want to be seen, and bright pink unless your name is 'Katie'. Mercifully, it is thought that only two-hundred and sixty-four were produced in the nineties and very few have made it to the UK.

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