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KBR (company), and check out KBR (company) on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Kellogg's entry into process engineering initially focused on the Fleming cracking process, but in the 1920s Kellogg partnered with The Texas Company (Texaco) and Standard Oil of Indiana to purchase the Cross thermal cracking process. The 1950s Kellogg technology expanded into steam pyrolysis, Orthoflow fluid catalytic cracking, phenol-from-cumene and coal-to-synthetic fuels technologies and the 1960s saw the growth in helium recovery, ethylene, and the development of Kellogg's ammonia process. In 1970, Kellogg moved from New York City to Houston, Texas, and in 1975, they completed the move by relocating the research and development lab. Brown & Root was founded in Texas in 1919 by Herman Brown and Daniel Root, with money provided by Root (Brown's brother in law). One of its first large-scale projects, according to the book Cadillac Desert, was building a dam on the Texas Colorado River near Austin during the Depression years. Brown & Root continued to pour money into Lyndon Johnson's career, not just making massive contributions to Johnson's campaign funds but also making (and causing their subcontractors and others beholden to them to make) unusually large political contributions to enable Johnson to manipulate and influence other members of the House and Senate to obtain further huge contracts and other benefits (such as continuing the oil depletion allowance and the pricing of natural gas) for Johnson's friends in business. Following the death of Herman Brown, Halliburton Energy Services acquired Brown & Root in December 1962. In September 2005, under a competitive bid contract it won in July 2005 to provide debris removal and other emergency work associated with natural disasters, KBR started assessment of the cleanup and reconstruction of Gulf Coast Marine and Navy facilities damaged in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Halliburton announced on April 5, 2007, that it had separated from KBR, which had been its contracting, engineering, and construction unit as a part of the company for 44 years.[14] The move was prefaced by a statement registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on April 15, 2006, stating that Halliburton planned to sell up to 20 percent of its KBR stock on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). On May 7, 2008, the company announced that it would acquire Birmingham, Alabama-based engineering and construction firm BE&K for $550 million. In January 2010 KBR announced plans to extend its lease and expand its presence in Downtown Houston. There is also controversy about the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) report on billing-methods for meals in which the auditors allegedly knew about, but disregarded, the Army requirement that directed KBR to have varying amounts of meals prepared at certain locations without respect to how many people used the service.
In March 2008, The Boston Globe reported that KBR had avoided paying hundreds of millions of dollars in federal Medicare and Social Security taxes by hiring workers through shell companies based in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands.
On February 6, 2009, the Justice Department announced KBR had been charged with paying "tens of millions of dollars" in bribes to Nigerian officials in order to win government contracts, in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The Army's actions came under fire from California Congressman Henry Waxman, who, along with Michigan Congressman John Dingell, asked the General Accounting Office to investigate whether the U.S. As of June 9, 2008, 81 American and foreign KBR employees and subcontractors have been killed, and more than 380 have been wounded by hostile action while performing services under the company's government contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait. Jamie Leigh Jones testified at a Congressional hearing that she had been gang-raped by as many as seven coworkers in Iraq in 2005 when she was an employee of KBR, and then falsely imprisoned in a shipping container for 24 hours without food or drink.[47][48] KBR was a subsidiary of Halliburton at the time. Jo Frederiksen, another female employee, filed a lawsuit against the company for allegedly being "inappropriately touched, stalked, intimidated and verbally harassed" during her time with the firm in 2003. More than 20 federal lawsuits naming KBR and seeking class-action status were filed in late 2008 and 2009 over the practice of operating "burn pits" at U.S.

Conklin, NY (WBNG Binghamton) Pamela Sweat said Wednesday she wants nothing to do with her son David Sweat, especially after his unbelievable escape from a maximum security prison.
Pamela told Action News her son had a string of violent acts long before he killed Broome County Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Tarsia in 2002. Pamela said the last time she had contact with her son was about two months ago through letters they would send back and forth. Studying Spanish Communications through athe Hadley School For athe Blind & Visually Impaired.
Kellogg set up one of the first petroleum laboratories in the country in 1926 to commercialize and then license the technology. For the war effort, these developments led to the construction of six hydroreformer units, twenty fluid catalytic cracking units, and the only complete refinery built during World War II. The 1970s saw Kellogg become the first American contractor to receive contracts from the People's Republic of China. According to Dan Briody, who wrote a book on the subject, the company became part of a consortium of four companies that built about 85 percent of the infrastructure needed by the Navy during the Vietnam War.
On November 16, 2006, KBR shares were offered for the public in an Initial Public Offering with shares priced at $17. Smith, the senior civilian Defense Department official overseeing the government's multibillion-dollar contract with KBR during the early stages of the war in Iraq said he was forced out of his job in 2004 for refusing to approve $1 billion in questionable charges by KBR. A 22-page document filed in a Houston federal court alleged massive bribes in connection with the construction of a natural gas plant on Bonny Island requiring $7.5bn USD.
Agency for International Development and The Pentagon were circumventing government contracting procedures and favoring companies with ties to the Bush administration. Jones and her lawyers said that 38 women have contacted her reporting similar experiences while working as contractors in Iraq, Kuwait, and other countries.
According to Frederiksen, after she complained to the firm she was moved to an even more hostile location while some of her abusers were promoted.
One time he even ripped the door of the Sweat family bathroom after an object fell from a cupboard and hit him on top of the head. The company also has large offices in Arlington, Virginia, Birmingham, Alabama, and Newark, Delaware, in the United States and Leatherhead in the UK. The company was incorporated in 1905 and its headquarters was moved to Jersey City, New Jersey. Even bigger than the refining work was K-25, the gaseous diffusion plant at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, built as part of the Manhattan Project. Kellogg's international work expanded with the major ammonia complexes in China, Indonesia, and Mexico as well as LNG liquefaction plant in Algeria and two receiving terminals in the United States, the world's largest LPG plant in Kuwait and four fluid catalytic cracking units in Mexico. Army's Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP).[12] The extent of their services included a vast array of logistical operations historically under the jurisdiction of the military.

Smith refused to approve the payments because Army auditors determined that KBR lacked credible records to support more than $1 billion in spending. KBR admitted that the companies were set up "in order to allow us to reduce certain tax obligations of the company and its employees".
KBR officials had no comment.[34] KBR pleaded guilty and was ordered to pay $402m USD in criminal fines, nearly all of which was covered by Halliburton. CNN reported that an Army Special Forces soldier, Staff Sergeant Ryan Maseth, died by electrocution in his shower stall on January 2, 2008. The lawsuit claimed "women are second-rate citizens provided for the pleasure of men" at the firm. Twelve of the employees were abducted when their unprotected convoy was attacked by a group calling itself the Army of Ansar al-Sunna, while en route to the base. The pits are said to include "every type of waste imaginable", with items such as "tires, lithium batteries, Styrofoam, paper, wood, rubber, petroleum-oil-lubricating products, metals, hydraulic fluids, munitions boxes, medical waste, biohazard materials (including human corpses), medical supplies (including those used during smallpox inoculations), paints, solvents, asbestos insulation, items containing pesticides, polyvinyl chloride pipes, animal carcasses, dangerous chemicals, and hundreds of thousands of plastic water bottles". In the last letter David sent, he asked his mother for money, which she was unable to give him. Initially Kellogg's main business was power plant construction and fabrication of power plant components, but the development of hammer forge welding techniques helped ready the company to move into refining as the petroleum industry developed. This period also included the development of the Benedicta€“Webba€“Rubin (BWR) equation of state which has since become an industry mainstay and provided the basis for Kellogg's lead in cryogenics. The 1980s saw continuation of global activity in LNG and ethylene with millisecond furnaces starting up in the United States.
Brown & Root was the principal source of campaign funds after Johnson's initial run for Congress in 1937, in return for persuading the Bureau of Reclamation to change its rules against paying for a dam on land the federal government did not own, a decision that had to go all the way to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Such operations included laundry services, meal services (dining halls), entertainment (Internet and cable access), and recreation (basketball courts and gym equipment).
KBR has also been awarded 15 Logistics Civil Augmentation Program (LOGCAP) task orders worth more than $216 million for work under Operation Enduring Freedom, the military name for operations in Afghanistan. However, the Army announced in October it would expand the contract ceiling to $2 billion and the solicitation period to December. Army documents showed that KBR inspected the building and found serious electrical problems a full 11 months before his death. Shortly thereafter, a video was released of one of the men being beheaded and the other 11 shot.
Army Criminal Investigation Command investigator assigned to the case recommended that Maseth's official cause of death should be changed from "accidental" to "negligent homicide".

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