I realize that IoT devices have very little space 16k to 32k maybe less.

I have been thinking about the security issues associated with IoT devices and the nightmare that will ensue in a few years time.

Let me start by saying I am not an IoT guy, but inspire to get there.

I was researching methods of securing Linux systems and one idea popped up that required the use of IPTABLEs firewalls. 

Without going into details on the method of securing the systems that use IPTABLES firewalls (my cash cow) I wanted to put the feelers out there to see if IPTABLES code will be added to the Zephyr project anytime soon?

I believe I have a way of protecting IoT devices effectively using a gateway and only a few lines of IPTABLES firewall script on the IoT devices. (It would also involve a remote web server as well [somewhere on the internet] that the gateway would talk to )

Also secondly do most IoT devices include an accurate clock? Which is another requirement of the protection mechanism!