Hello Richard,

On 12/30/2016 05:59 PM, Richard Peters wrote:
> Hi Community, > > does zephyr os support mesh-under routing in 6LoWPan? If not, will > this be supported in the near future? Yes, we are going to support mesh-under routing in 6LoWPan.
> > Will a compressed IPv6 header be unpacked in mesh-under routing or > can it stay compressed by multiple hops?
> > Is it possible to bridge different network devices in mesh-under > routing, e.g. to form a single IPv6 subnet, composed of 802.15.4 > devices and BT 4.2 devices?     Initial plan for 802.15.4 devices.

- Ravi.
> > Sorry if these questions are a little bit noobish, i am relatively > new to IOT and zephyr os ;) > > Regards, Richard >