Hi Marcio,


From: Marcio Montenegro [mailto:mtuxpe@gmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2017 11:50
To: devel@lists.zephyrproject.org
Subject: [devel] radio active callback


Hi all,

  In my appplication I need to stop advertising, change data and restart again.

I suppose that is not possible to stop advertising when radio is active.


Then I found this empty function on hci_driver.c


void radio_active_callback(uint8_t active)




Is there any method to check if radio is active? Or I need to use my own code on

radio_active_callback function



[carles] The radio_active_callback() in hci_driver.c is implemented but not exposed to applications. We are yet to define an API to allow applications to be aware of radio activity, as this would be a part of a future radio.h API that we haven’t started work on.


In the meantime feel free to use radio_active_callback() but bear in mind that you’ll be executing inside an ISR and that the API might break in the future.