Are you using Nulceo_f411RE?
If this is the case, this board embeds a ST-LINK debugger/programmer that helps you controling your board with USB.
This is specific to ST developpement boards like Nucleo, Disco or Eval.

If you want to debug on Arduino, please refer to dedicated wiki page:


On 25 January 2017 at 09:51, 曹子龙 <13824125580@163.com> wrote:
Hi all:

 i can debug my STM32-F411RE running zephyr with OpenOCD and arm-none-eabi-gdb, the BOARD and the PC host connected directly with the USB wire, i can use this simple things to debug the zephyr flow from _reset.

what puzzle me is that from the document of OpenOCD,  we must be connect to the JTAG of the board, but i use the usb of F411re do the same thing, i dont know why?

and if i want to do the debug operation on arduino_due, did this can be done by using the same tools like F411re ?  thanks for your kindly reply.