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the pcf mysql product is based on the oss cf mysql [1]. for each bosh deployment of mysql you get a mysql compatible cluster. the cluster uses mariadb and galera for the database nodes. the default configurations for tunable parameters are listed in the spec file:

what those values should be for your deployment and application workloads are going to be highly dependent on what tradeoffs you want to make. the service plan you use should indicate the number of connections available with your plan, and how you configure max connections in your application typically depends on the database access framework you use.


On Tue, May 19, 2015 at 12:27 AM, Dew Agarwal <> wrote:
Hi Team,

I was looking into the performance of my application in cloud in multi-threaded environment.
Can I get any document on the behaviour of mysql in cloud in multi threaded environment.
Specially on number of connections(foreground/backgroud) per instance/ multiple instances using scaling feature etc.

Question: Suppose I have five databases used in my app, and am using 1GB with 400 connection plan of mysql, what should be my max connection pool size supported?

Thanks in advance.

D Agarwal

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