On behalf of the CF Core Services team, I am pleased to announce v10 of cf-riak-cs-release.

cf-riak-cs-release is a BOSH release that delivers an S3-compatible, highly available object store-as-a-service for Cloud Foundry. Through Cloud Foundry, users can provision S3-style buckets and deliver unique credentials to bound applications.

v10 is a minor update, mostly enabling additional security and some additional documentation:
- Default to SSL endpoints for communication between Cloud Controller and Broker. 93485814
- Improve documentation around contributions. 90029504
- Expose ssl_enabled flag to enforce SSL. 80055322
  - Addition of a small utility script to run the broker-registrar errand on bosh-lite.
  - Deployment manifest stub changes

  We've also promoted the domain properties to top-level properties in manifests:
    - domain is now .properties.domain
    - meta.cf.apps_domain is now .properties.app_domains.[0]

All this and more can be found on Github and bosh.io.

  Marco Nicosia
  Product Manager
  Pivotal Software, Inc.