Hi Nanduni,

Currently there's no way to push a Dockerfile that I'm aware of. Your best bet (assuming you can't push your image to Docker Hub) is to run a Docker registry locally. This can be done fairly easily using the Registry image [1]. You may even be able to run the registry on MicroPCF temporarily (remember containers on CF are ephemeral and can't persist state to disk), which would be kinda neat!

There's one other thing, though. By default, CF can't pull docker images from registries that are using self signed certificates. Garden-Linux (the container running part of CF) has a list of registries that are allowed to break this rule (configured using the `insecure_docker_registry_list` property [2]) so you'll need to add the address of your registry to that. I'm afraid I don't know how to set this for MicroPCF though. Hopefully someone more familiar with MicroPCF can advise on that.

Good luck!

[1]: https://hub.docker.com/_/registry
[2]: https://github.com/cloudfoundry-incubator/garden-linux-release/blob/master/jobs/garden/spec#L89

On 17 February 2016 at 09:36, Nanduni Nimalsiri <nandunibw@gmail.com> wrote:

Is there any way to push a Dockerfile and start an application instead of pushing a publicly available docker image in Cloud Foundry. The problem is that I want to run some Docker images on Cloud Foundry, but they are not publicly available in Docker Hub. How can I proceed with this.

If I explain this scenario briefly, what I want is to deploy the artifacts[1] in MicroPCF or in Diego in Bosh-Lite. How can I run them? Can you please help.

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