Since Diego-Release v1.21.0, the Route Emitter job has supported registration of both HTTP routes (via NATS) and TCP routes (via Routing API). This makes the TCP-Emitter in the Routing-Release no longer necessary. The Routing team will drop the TCP-Emitter job from Routing-Release in v0.164.0.

To configure the Route Emitter to register TCP routes, configure the following properties in your manifest for the router-emitter job:

tcp.enabled: true
routing_api.url: defaults to
routing_api.port: defaults to 3000
routing_api.auth_enabled: defaults to true

We also recommend running the route-emitter job in "Local Mode", as this removes a dependency on Consul for a distributed lock. This can be configured by colocating the job on each Cell and configuring the following property:

diego.route_emitter.local_mode: true.

Please reply with questions or concerns.

Thank you!

Shannon Coen
Product Manager, Cloud Foundry
Pivotal, Inc.