Hey Quinn. 6.2kb seem like right size for light stem cell.  If you want full stemcell it's around 400mb and there is different url for that.


On 30 Apr 2015 16:53, "Quintessence Anx" <qanx@starkandwayne.com> wrote:
I am experiencing something a bit unexpected when I try to download the AWS stemcells with wget and curl.

I'm trying to download the latest version, so for curl I enter:

curl -L -J -O https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-aws-xen-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent

For wget I enter:

wget --content-disposition --no-check-certificate https://bosh.io/d/stemcells/bosh-aws-xen-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent

For curl I get a file named:

For wget I get a file named:

In both cases the file is about 6.2KB, so it looks like I am actually getting the *light* stemcell both times, even though that's not the URL I'm using.

Is this behavior expected? How would I use curl/wget to download the full stemcell since there's no separate URL?


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