if vcloud cpi allows to specify root disk size this might be one way to bypass this problem.

On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 5:15 AM, Suman Raja <suman.raja@accenture.com> wrote:
We have tried to install SEP(symantec endpoint protection) on bosh deployed ubuntu 14.04(bosh-vcloud-esxi-ubuntu-trusty-go_agent) VM's manually but it was not successful as SEP need more than 2GB free space under "/" directory.

Is there any other way so we can use SEP in bosh deployed VM's.

Error Log:-
15:38:17.732511     Result Code: 0x80010803
15:38:17.732546     Result Message: FAIL - not enough disk space to install update
15:38:17.732573 [Package Install - END]
15:38:17.732610 [Finalize Package Installs - START]
15:38:17.735686     Result Code: 0x00010000
15:38:17.735728     Result Message: OK
15:38:17.735761     Component Status Changes: