you might have to update your cloud config with one that cf-deployment wants:

bosh -e ucc <(wget -O-

On Sun, Sep 17, 2017 at 10:39 PM, Karan Shukla <> wrote:
I've been trying to deploy Cloud Foundry on a local machine using Bosh Lite on a VM via cf-deployment.

According to the documentation, the following command should build Cloud Foundry

    bosh -e -d cf deploy cf-deployment.yml \
      -o operations/bosh-lite.yml \
      --vars-store deployment-vars.yml \

The process successfully completes the first thirty tasks or so, and then I run into the following error.

    Error: Instance group 'consul' references an unknown disk type '5GB'

Anyone have some insight on what 'consul' is and how I can fix it? Seems to be related to cloud-config.yml but I'm not sure which one in particular I should be looking into (there's one for both cf-deployment and bosh-deployment).