Hi, Ushani,

The zookeeper release gets exactly those IPs via the "address" property on each of the instances in its "peers" link: https://github.com/cppforlife/zookeeper-release/blob/master/jobs/zookeeper/templates/zoo.cfg.erb#L1-L5. The Template Accessor section in https://bosh.io/docs/links.html#templates has more information on the available properties in a link. Presumably a similar pattern would work for your WSO2 release.

Eric, CF Diego PM

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 4:22 AM, Ushani Balasooriya <ushanib@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Dan,

I checked the doc and thanks for the info.

But what I really need is a way to capture the ips of instances dynamically created when we define a number in deploy. manifest.

- instances: 3
  name: wso2is
  - name: wso2is_network
  resource_pool: wso2is-resource-pool
  - name: wso2is


Instance                                     Process State  AZ  IPs           VM CID                                VM Type
wso2is/1aa7dc45-e657-4519-ba43-d9f08f4b708b  running        -  70899e3d-8efb-4197-63dc-267feffe3bb3  wso2is-resource-pool
wso2is/317d9109-a2bf-42a4-b959-9f556a599a91  running        -  4410cbbb-dc84-4d78-42e9-56b7d60a6f5c  wso2is-resource-pool
wso2is/6502084e-8ae2-43f9-9416-eb54952b6289  running        -  da258279-6a96-4e8c-49ad-e752073b108f  wso2is-resource-pool

I need to access  ,, IPs dynamically.