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Wildlife stock photos check out our personal top 10 picks of amazing animal images selected from thousands at 500px photography community. 500px has an algorithm in place to allow recently uploaded photos of a high standard to be displayed at the forefront of the site.
At that time, everything was slightly different, the Internet was slower, 3.2 megapixel cameras were the latest buzz, digital photographers were just getting acquainted with their tools, and 500 pixels was a good size for photos displayed on CRT monitors. Over the years, the 500px platform went through a number of revisions and changes, growing together with technology and photographers, and keeping focus on the highest quality photos.

The higher the Pulse the more likely it is to get to the Popular page and the higher the chance it has of being seen by other users.
The algorithm allows all users, not just those with a following, to have a chance to get their work to the front page of the Popular photos, increasing exposure. The mathematical equations in place also take into account the freshness of an image with Likes and Favorites counting for fewer points as they build up and the Pulse gradually decreasing with updates. This results in the Popular page always displaying fresh content and motivates users to regularly upload new images.

Taking into account the likes and favourites they have received across all photos, it is a reliable indication of how popular a photographer is within the community.

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