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Whether you are against deep sea drilling, overfishing, or just want to protect the beautiful creatures that call the ocean home, this design is for you!
A lot of neo-traditional work, I also like a lot of animals, which I guess stems from my choice of degree.
Just look at the embossed faux leather with the Calico Dragon logo on back and sides of the purse.

I would like my work to go in a more real direction, so it has a more natural appearance to it, I think somewhere in the middle of neo-traditional and realistic would be perfect.
But I would maybe have gone down the animal route as a pet behaviourist, specialising in rabbits.
Then when I was 16, I had a heavily tattooed boyfriend who suggested I start drawing flash for shops.

In the mean time I did Art, Art History and Photography A-levels, then a degree in Applied Behavioural Science and Welfare of Animals.

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